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8Degree Posts List Plugin Preview - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

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8 Degree Posts List is a best WordPress plugin for listing out posts. It is a fully responsive and user-friendly plugin that enables you to showcase your posts in the most attractive way. The plugin offers lots of many options and beautiful layouts, you can manage and list out posts as per your requirement.
It gives you the full control to select the number of posts to retrieve, excerpt length, ordering, authors, post status along hiding or showing the contents. It is a shortcode ready plugin, just copy and paste the code into page or post where you want to display posts. With 8 Degree Posts List Lite generate and manage the posts list in the easiest way possible. No coding skills required!

Plugin Features:

Options available to choose before generating a Post List.

  • Taxonomy
    1. Category: Select Categories for quering posts that belongs to
    2. Tags: Give tag terms to retrieve posts of
    3. Posts Id: Only posts with the corresponding Id will be listed
    4. Post’s Author: Choose author to get their posts
    5. Post’s Status: Gets post with choosed status
  • Controls
    1. Number of Posts: Takes integer value for quering out that number of posts
    2. Order Posts According To: Order posts list according to Date of publish or post’s title
    3. Order Posts in an Increasing or Decreasing orderSort in an increasing or decreasing order
    4. Excerpt LengthTakes integer value that is wordcount to include into post’s content or excerpt
  • Show/Hide
    1. Title: Check to show or hide post’s title
    2. Author: Check to show or hide post’s author
    3. Date: Check to show or hide post’s date of publish
    4. Excerpt: Check to show or hide post’s excerpt or content
    5. Comment Status: Check to show or hide post’s comment count
    6. Image: Check to show or hide post’s featured Image
    7. Category: Check to show or hide categories that post belong to
    8. Tags: Check to show or hide tags that were tagged under the post
  • Templates
    1. Clean Blue
    2. Natural
    3. Full Width
    4. Bubble Green
    5. Slider

Using 8 Degree Posts List Lite

8 Degree Posts List Lite By Shortcodes into Pages and Posts
* Each added post of 8 Degree Posts List Lite plugin generates a unique shortcode.
* 8 Degree Posts List Lite shortcode looks like this:[edpl post_list_id=”792″], you can see it in the right side of 8 Degree Posts List Lite setup page.
* To display generated posts list, user can
* Copy & paste shortcode like below to the WordPress pages and posts.
* [edpl post_list_id=”567″]

  • For Templates
  • Also, 8 Degree Posts List Lite can be included in a template file ,
  • Users can copy and paste following code into template files , that will generate posts list into theme.
    <?php echo do_shortcode(“[edpl post_list_id=’792′]”); ?>

Available languages

  • English (United States)

Some of the Useful links

Support Email: support@8degreethemes.com
Support Forum Link: https://8degreethemes.com/support
Website Link: http://8degreethemes.com
Youtube Channel Link : https://www.youtube.com/8degreethemes
Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/8DegreeThemes

For Detail Information:
Plugin Information
Plugin Demo
Plugin Documentation


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