Admin Menu Tree Page View Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Admin Menu Tree Page View Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
4.8 Average out of 19 ratings
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Plugin Description

The Admin Menu Tree Page View WordPress plugin adds a page tree to all your pages – directly accessible in the admin menu.
This way all your pages will be available within just one click,
no matter where you are in the admin area.

You can also add pages directly in the tree and you can quickly find your pages by using the search box.

Top features

  • Change the order of your pages with drag-and-drop
  • View all your pages – no matter where in the admin you are
  • View the page hierarchy/the tree structure of your pages
  • Compatible with WPML, so if you in WPML’s language menu have selected to view german pages, then only the german pages will vi visible in the admin menu tree too.
  • Add pages directly after or inside another post – no need to first create the post and then select the parent of the page
  • Adds link to view a page directly from the admin menu – you don’t have to first edit the post and from that page click the view link

Works perfect in CMS-like WordPress installations with lots of pages in a tree hierarchy.

If you want a tree with all your pages, but don’t want it visible all the time, please check out my other plugin
CMS Tree Page View.


The plugin is translated into these languages:

  • Spanish (thanks to Andrew Kurtis/WebHostingHub)
  • Slovak translation (thanks Branco)
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Swedish

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  1. admin-menu-tree-page-view screenshot 1

    You can expand/collapse sub-pages. Keeps the meny compact, but gives you the option to instantly dig deep down the page hierarchy.

  2. admin-menu-tree-page-view screenshot 2

    Search your pages in real time. Try it; it’s wonderful! 😉

  3. admin-menu-tree-page-view screenshot 3

    Quickly add single or multiple pages. Great for setting up the structure for a new site.

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