Alkubot Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Alkubot Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

The negotiator chatbot which helps with higher conversions

Take a look at how it works in our Demo Store

Increase conversion, revenue and make sales to hesitant visitors with an AI-powered negotiator chatbot!

8% Conversion Rate: An eCommerce store has an average of 1,6% conversion rate. With Alkubot this can be increased to more than 8%! Resulting in more sales, revenue and returning customers.
Optimized Discounts: Don’t give more discount than needed! Alkubot knows what is the ideal discount rate for a visitor to make him buy your product.

One Click Set-up: Just choose an item, set a maximum discount and Alkubot will handle the rest of the negotiation process. No coding, hassle-free setup.

Let our AI handle tough visitors. Alkubot will turn a casual, hesitant visitor into a returning buyer.

AI Negotiator Bot: Imagine that a potential buyer is browsing your store. But somehow he is not committed to buying so he is thinking about leaving. That’s when Alkubot comes to save the day. By starting a negotiation chat with the visitor, Alkubot can playfully sell him your products by giving a discount. This way a hesitant buyer becomes a returning one.

Optimized Conversion: Most customers are price sensitive, that is why they search for another store when they see that the price of a product is too much. An already left customer can be attracted back to the site by using remarketing techniques and giving discounts. Alkubot saves these costs for you while increasing conversion rate.

Gamified Shopping: No one likes pop-ups anymore! They are an old and boring solution to get the email of a visitor. Alkubot can make this whole process seamless, gamified and fun. The visitor feels like he is working towards his discount, this way he will value it more. All that in a fun and non-intrusive way.


  • Setup Wizard: With the simple wizard you can set up and start using Alkubot. It will guide you through the process in seconds.
  • Quick Settings: Even with one input and Alkubot is ready to make deals. Just set the maximum discount that Alkubot can give and it is good to go.
  • Max Discount: Set up a maximum discount and Alkubot will find the price point that would make the visitor buy the product.
  • Deal Button: You can set up a deal button on the product pages so the visitor can start negotiating for the product right away.
  • Email Lists: Alkubot can even ask for an email address before giving a discount code so you can increase your email list.
  • Multi-language: Alkubot automatically knows the language of your website and will use this to communicate with the visitors.
  • Detailed Chatbot Settings: Customize when Alkubot pops up and start doing its job: should it pop up after x seconds or when the visitor tries to leave the page etc…
  • Quick Pause: In case you want to pause/restart your Alkubot campaign you can do that with just one click.
  • Stats: See all the statistics you need, like how much revenue Alkubot generated for you, how many discount codes have been used, etc.


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