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AnyComment Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Are you tired of connecting different third part commenting system to your website or having the default ones?

AnyComment is here to help you – it is a better commenting system in WordPress.

No dependency on third party services, all comments store in your own database.

You may connect your favorite social networks.

Dark for light background websites, where as light for dark background ones.

AnyComment stands for simplicity, so default comment have very simple user interface, it is up to you what features to have.

Ps. Comment will be actively supported and maintained. We would like to have your opinions on what is good and what could be improved. Thank you for sharing love with us!

Can I contribute?

Yes! Join our GitHub repository 🙂

Major features of AnyComment include:
* Social network authorization via Facebook, VK, Twitter or Google
* Currently translated in two languages: English, Russian
* Suitable for dark & light themes (on your choice)
* Blazing-fast AJAX way of sending comments
* Simple & informative dashboard with graphs to display number of comments over number of active user per certain period & most active commenting users
* Comments do no inherit any of the currently active theme styles. Meaning that comments will not be broken by styles you have.
* Integration with WP User Avatar, to specify customized avatars

Todo features:
* Option: customization of comment styles
* Option: add option to specify default number of comments loaded
* Option: add option to specify number of comments loaded per page
* Option: add option to load comments when user scrolls to it, save some loading time
* Option: add option to define whether new comments will be added automatically or will be required to be moderated first
* Option: add option to allow guests to leave comments
* Option: Auto-update comments on new comments
* Support more languages
* Code highlighting
* Markdown support
* Integration of: Akismet Anti-Spam and Google’s reCaptcha
* Integration of more social networks: Dribble, Github, etc
* More widgets to be added on the page (sidebar, custom pages, etc)
* Special moderator panel integrated into custom AnyComment pages (for easy comment moderation)
* More statistics and analytics regarding comments…
* And a lot more…


  1. For light-colored websites.

    For light-colored websites.

  2. For dark-colored websites.

    For dark-colored websites.

  3. Main plugin dashboard.

    Main plugin dashboard.

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