ASD RockAndRoll PowerSlider Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

ASD RockAndRoll PowerSlider Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

“RockAndRoll PowerSlider”
That’s a pretty tall claim to make. So what’s so great about this particular slider?
There are a lot of good WordPress slider plugins to choose from.
What makes this one special?

Inherently responsive, mobile friendly, but still excellent on the desktop.

Touch-sensitive for touchscreen devices, plus all the usual arrows and dots.

Lots of slider options.

Powered in the browser by the awesome Slick.JS.

Can use any type of Page/Post/Media as a slide, including WooCommerce products.

PowerSliders and Powerslides have the ability to embed JavaScript code, so that an animated slideshow presentation can easily be built. The plugin automatically creates the JavaScript framework so that each slide’s BeforeSlide and AfterSlide scripts are implemented as callbacks to the Slick.JS instance.

PowerSliders are easily embedded as shortcodes, example shortcodes are listed in the Edit PowerSlider screen.

All code in the RockAndRoll PowerSlider plugin (and ALL ASD plugins) has been audited through CodeSniffer, and contains proper escaping and sanitizing calls to prevent against hack attempts such as “SQL injection” and “cross site scripting.”

Supports custom slide templates, and includes templates for PowerSlides and WooCommerce products.


  1. Adding a PowerSlider

    Adding a PowerSlider

  2. Adding a PowerSlide

    Adding a PowerSlide

  3. Adding a ShortCode

    Adding a ShortCode

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