ATUM Stock Manager For WooCommerce Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

ATUM Stock Manager For WooCommerce Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

ATUM is an advanced stock management plugin for WooCommerce. It is a must for every serious shop owner. The free version gives you a complete control of all your products from one page. Beautifully carved into the WordPress interface, the system feels familiar and very user-friendly.

The plugin comes from Stock Management Labs, creators that have combined over 25 years of experience in inventory management. The team is working very closely with professional developers towards creating the complete product that will take care of all business needs.

While preparing for the development stage, the team has tested and tried several inventory management products and plugins. We can now say with full confidence that the complete ATUM product will be unrivalled in every category.

Available Features

See everything in one place
Our ground-breaking Stock Central will let the user see every “simple” product and every important detail of the company’s “simple” product range. The free version of the Stock Central includes:

  • All items on one screen with a smooth mouse wheel or touchpad scrolling.
  • Products’ image thumbnails for easier identification.
  • Short products name overview including the products’ ID and SKU.
  • The current stock level of every product in shop’s database.
  • Stock on hold value to preview the number of back-orders pending.
  • Back-Orders monitoring (Users must activate back-orders manually).
  • The full count of daily sales of every SKU unit in range.
  • Fourteen and seven days’ summary of sales of every product.
  • Accurate stock availability prediction in days, so the user knows the duration of coverage.
  • Out of stock period of every product for easier re-ordering management.
  • Coloured stock availability indicators to give the user fair warnings.
  • Full-screen options to customise the visual appearance of stock central.
  • Complete HELP sections with the detailed explanation of every feature.
  • Advanced search with an auto-fill feature.
  • In stock, out of stock, low stock and product category filter.
  • Intelligent settings for easy inventory/stock management.

Every user has an option to become a VIP by registering FREE on our website. Apart from a great support, each member can then take advantage of these fantastic features:

  • EOQ – Economic Order Quantity Calculator (in development) – In corporate finance, economic order quantity (EOQ) is the order quantity that minimizes the total holding costs and ordering costs. It is one of the oldest classical production scheduling models.
  • Web-Based Invoice Generator (in development) – complete invoice customization, direct sending and without any monthly limits. Also, all your invoices are saved securely in one place.
  • Ground-Breaking Mobile Application for iOS, Android and Windows phones. (in development) � Smooth connection to your ATUM Stock Central, Easy stock counting options.

Currently, we don’t include variable products in the free version of the ATUM plugin. Our premium users will have an advanced control of the whole product hierarchy of WooCommerce.

Premium Features

Advanced Stock Management
Our Premium users have access to the fully featured ATUM Stock Central. Planned to be released in February 2017 by giving users addition tools to those available in our free version:

  • Full Variable, External & Affiliate Products support.
  • Individual alphabetical or numerical column sorting.
  • Product level indicator (Custom ATUM feature not available anywhere else).
  • Inbound stock monitoring (This feature will activate with the release of our Purchase Order plugin planned for September 2017 – plugin comes FREE for all Premium and PRO users).
  • Reserved stock, Customer returns, Warehouse damages and Lost in post indicators (All counters are editable from the Stock Logs menu).
  • Crucial “Lost Sales” indicator to calculate the number of products that would sell if the product stayed in stock.

Custom Product Levels
Manage your product range with ease by implementing our trademark feature of advanced product levels. Are you a distributor, wholesaler or a standard manufacturer, or you sell several product modifications? No need to look any further as ATUM Premium will give you the complete control.

  • ATUM’s unique family hierarchy – select parent products and create custom relationships between child products and variations.
  • Advanced unit allocations for wholesalers and standard manufacturers.
  • Stock redistribution on all warehouse levels.

Stock Logs & Archives
To fill the uncomfortable stock loss and organise the outside factors ATUM is equipped with complete set of recording tools.

  • Create custom product reservations (future needs, VIP reserves, etc.)
  • Don’t lose track of customers’ returns and record any loss of stock, refunds or add items back in with a simple click.
  • Complete multiple warehouse damage or stock movement recordings with an automatic inventory editing.
  • Control your logistic partners and record any “lost in post” products.

PRO Features

An Ultimate WooCommerce Companion
Our PRO version of ATUM will be a must for any serious business running their shops using the all-around excellent WooCommerce plugin. The complete inventory management on all levels, multiple stock managers or warehouse workers with full restriction controls, customizable reporting and graphical overview, simple and very comfortable stock taking, crucial stock forecasting for any business size and all this connected directly to our great stock central.

IMPORTANT! – All our PRO users will receive any individual plugins or features that we build for ATUM completely FREE of charge and without any restrictions. When we say that the PRO ATUM plugin is limitless, we mean it!

(confirmed) Upcoming Plugins & Features:
* Purchase Orders for WooCommerce
* Amazon Inventory Integration Management
* eBay Inventory Integration Management
* Barcode Manager for WooCommerce
* Stock Financials for WooCommerce
* Profit & Loss for WooCommerce
* Import/Export for WooCommerce
* Advanced Manufacturing for WooCommerce

Use our feature request form here to give our team a hint or suggestion. All requested features will get discussed in our forum and if found valuable, added to the development planner.


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