Beautiful Taxonomy Filters Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Beautiful Taxonomy Filters Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

The Beautiful Taxonomy Filters plugin is an easy and good-looking way to provide your visitors with filtering for your post types. With this you get a complete solution for adding filtering based on taxonomy terms/categories/tags. It will also automatically add rewrite rules for pretty looking filter URLs. It’s completely automatic, works without javascript and is based on the WordPress Plugin boilerplate for a standardized, organized and object-oriented codebase. It uses select2 for pretty looking and user-friendly dropdowns but will fall back to ordinary ones if javascript is not supported.
No more horrible looking URLs or hacky Javascript solutions


  • Activate filtering on any registered public custom post type.
  • Exclude taxonomies you just don’t want the visitors to filter on.
  • Beautifies the resulting URLs. You won’t see any /posttype/?taxonomy1=term. Instead you’ll see /posttype/taxonomy/term.
  • The pretty URLs are much more SEO friendly so you’ll give a boost to those filtered pages. Just remember to use canonicals where it’s appropriate.
  • Polylang compatible (beta).
  • Multisite compatible. No network settings at the moment.
  • Comes with a complete functional filter module for you to put in your theme.
  • Three alternatives for putting the filter modules in your theme:
    • Widgets (Also lets you “hard set” a post type for use anywhere)
    • Functions (for granular control)
    • Automagic setting which will magically place the modules in your archive from thin air. Wizards at work…
  • Choose from different styles for the component, or disable styling and do it yourself in style.css! Just want to tweak a style? Add your custom CSS directly on the settings page.
  • Many more settings for fine-tuning the filter modules behaviour:
    • A ”Clear all” link for the filter component.
    • Choose between placeholders or “show all” in the dropdowns.
    • Hide empty terms in the dropdowns.
    • Show a post count next to the term name
    • More to come!
  • Ability to show your visitors information about their current active filtering and control the look of this.
  • Allows for custom GET parameters to be included. Extend the filter your way with maybe a custom search-parameter or whatever you like.
  • Many filters and actions for modifying the plugins behaviour. For you control freaks out there…


  • English
  • Swedish
  • Spanish (Thanks to Juan Javier Moreno Restituto)
  • Dutch (Thanks to Piet Bos)
  • French (Thanks to Brice Capobianco)

Do you want to translate this plugin to another language? I recommend using POEdit ( or if you prefer to do it straight from the WordPress admin interface ( When you’re done, send us the file(s) to and we’ll add it to the official plugin!


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  1. beautiful-taxonomy-filters screenshot 1

    Basic setup settings for the plugin.

  2. beautiful-taxonomy-filters screenshot 2

    Filter module settings.

  3. beautiful-taxonomy-filters screenshot 3

    Style settings for the modules.

  4. beautiful-taxonomy-filters screenshot 4

    The filter info widget.

  5. beautiful-taxonomy-filters screenshot 5

    The filter widget.

  6. beautiful-taxonomy-filters screenshot 6

    The filter module with the “light material” style.

  7. beautiful-taxonomy-filters screenshot 7

    The filter module in work with select2 for user friendly dropdowns.

  8. beautiful-taxonomy-filters screenshot 8

    Example of a beautified permalink structure.

  9. beautiful-taxonomy-filters screenshot 9

    The widgets on the twentyfourteen theme.

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