Blipper Widget Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Blipper Widget Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Displays the latest entry on Polaroid|Blipfoto by a given user in a widget on your WordPress website. Note: you must have an account with Polaroid|Blipfoto to use this widget. If you don’t have one, you can get one for free.

Currently, Blipper Widget:

  • displays the latest blip (image, title and date) in your Polaroid|Blipfoto account in a widget;
  • takes you to the corresponding blip on the Polaroid|Blipfoto website if you click on the image or its title and date (optional);
  • displays your journal name and a link to your Polaroid|Blipfoto account (optional); and
  • displays a link to the Polaroid|Blipfoto website (optional).

The image in the blip is not stored on your server: the widget links to the image on Polaroid|Blipfoto.

View the plugin

If you’d like to see the plugin in action, you can visit my WordPress site to see Blipper Widget showing my latest blip.

If you’d like to see the plugin code, it’s available on GitHub.


Currently, only English is supported. I’m afraid I don’t yet know how to make other languages available. If you’d like to help, let me know in the comments on my Blipper Plugin page.

About Polaroid|Blipfoto

Polaroid|Blipfoto is a photo journal service, allowing users to post one photo a day along with descriptive text and tags. It uses OAuth 2.0 to ensure that your password is kept secure. You will need to obtain these from Polaroid|Blipfoto. This is a straightforward process and instructions are given below.

This plugin is independent of and unendorsed by Polaroid|Blipfoto.



By using this plugin, you consent to it performing actions involving your Polaroid|Blipfoto account, including, but not limited to, obtaining your account details (excluding your password).

You, the Polaroid|Blipfoto account holder, are responsible for the images shown on any website using the Blipper Widget with your OAuth credentials and access token.


  1. blipper-widget screenshot 1

    The Blipper Widget settings page.

  2. blipper-widget screenshot 2

    The widget form settings.

  3. blipper-widget screenshot 3

    An example of the widget in use on, showing a link to my Polaroid|Blipfoto journal and a powered-by link.

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