BlipPress Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

BlipPress Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Blipfoto is an online daily photo journal. Each day you can upload one photo and add some words. It is also a very friendly community where people comment on and rate each other’s photos, choose favourite ‘blips’ (the informal name given to journal entries), follow journals, join groups and take part in discussions.

BlipPress lets you easily integrate your Blipfoto journal into your WordPress website. You can display single or multiple entries from your or other people’s journals in your posts and pages or in a widget, as well as posting to your journal directly from within WordPress.

You can see BlipPress in action, with various examples and detailed instructions at

Displaying Blipfoto journal entries

There are a number of shortcodes you can use. Just type these into any post or page.


displays the most recent blip from your journal. You can also specify the user: [bliplatest user=lumpysimon]


displays a gallery of your recent blips. By default it uses the settings for the number of blips (default 16) and size (default large). You can override these, and also the user: [blips num=5 size=small user=lumpysimon]


displays a single blip by entry ID. For example: [blip id=3317861]


displays a single blip from your journal for a particular date. The date should be in the format dd-mm-yyyy. For example: [blipdate date=22-09-2013]. You can also specify the user: [blipdate date=03-08-2013 user=lumpysimon]


displays a single blip from your journal corresponding to the date of the current post.

Posting to Blipfoto from WordPress

Add a new post, enter the title and content, then save a draft of the post. Now click “Choose an image” in the BlipPress box to select an existing image from your media library or to upload a new one. When you click “Blip it!”, an entry will be created in your Blipfoto journal, using the image, title and content from your post.

Please note that the journal entry date will be based on the date your photo was taken, not on the publication date of your post.

When you publish your post, the journal entry will automatically be displayed at the top of your post.


There are three BlipPress widgets:

  • ‘Latest’ displays the latest entry from your or another user’s journal.
  • ‘Multi’ displays thumbnails of your or another user’s latest journal entries. You can specify how many to display.
  • ‘Single’ displays an blip by ID number.

This is a beta plugin!

This is a new plugin, so it is still under continuous development. I recommend that you always check your journal entry after posting from your WordPress website (a link to the entry is shown after you create it). Please report any problems via the support forum.


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