Bootstrap Shortcodes Ultimate Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Bootstrap Shortcodes Ultimate Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Simple Plugin for Enqueue Bootstrap 4 CSS, JS, and Some Helpful WordPress Shortcodes for visual usages.

ShortCode List

*Container Fluid

[containerfluid] contents [/containerfluid]


[container] contents [/container]


[row] contents [/row]

*Equal Columns

[col] contents [/col]

*Colunm for Extra small Devices – screen width: <576px

[col num="12"] contents [/col]

*Colunm for small Devices – screen width: >=576px

[col sm="12"] contents [/col]

*Colunm for Medium Devices – screen width: >=768px

[col md="12"] contents [/col]

*Colunm for Large Devices – screen width: ≥992px

[col lg="12"] contents [/col]

*Colunm for Extra Large Devices – screen width: ≥1200px

[col xl="12"] contents [/col]

*Colunm for Multi Devices

[col sm="3" md="6" xl="12"] contents [/col]

More Shortcodes Coming Soon


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