BP Post Status Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

BP Post Status Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

A feature I’ve always thought was missing from BuddyPress is the ability to share posts only to group members or to friends or just to logged in site members..

That feature is now here with BP Post Status!

On top of that, it also adds a Members Only post status, so you can share only to logged in users, or to members of specific groups.

Simply install the plugin, edit your post and select Members or Friends Only, or choose to publish into a group you are a member of. In addition you can turn on notifications for these new post types and control exactly who can post or sent notifications.

Note that users will need to have WordPress edit_posts as a capability to use this.

This is a new plugin and I think it adds a significant set of features to any BuddyPress site, it’s very probably the start of something much bigger, but this the first step towards a true integration between BuddyPress and the excellent blogging resource provided by WordPress.

If you have groups that would like to assign posts to the group, and share either publicly, only to site members or only to group membes then this plugin should interest you.
Also you may have a need to allow site members the opportunity to create posts only to share amongst friends, or only to logged in site members, then this plugin adds that functionality.

It’s integrated with BuddyPress Activity and Notifications,

The activity posts try to be appropriate to the security level assigned to the post – private group posts only post their activity into the group the post is assigned to.
Site and group managers can choose to enable the ability to trigger a notification to the target group with the posts publication.

There’s extensive manageability:

Group managers can choose what membership level to allow grup post creating, and also the membership level required to be able to trigger post notifications. These options are available in the groups management pages in the settings tab.

In addition, the site admin has a settings page at Dashboard>>Settings>>BP Post Status. Here the three different status types can be disabled sitewide, and the sitewide controls for the minimum user role required to create posts and trigger notifications is set.


  1. screenshot-1.png - The new post statuses drop-down.

    screenshot-1.png – The new post statuses drop-down.

  2. screenshot-2.png - Group settings page.

    screenshot-2.png – Group settings page.

  3. screenshot-3.png - Site settings page.

    screenshot-3.png – Site settings page.

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