Bradmax Player Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Bradmax Player Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Bradmax Player is a plugig, which supports video streams playback on desktops and mobile devices. If you have access to viedeo streaming in formats:
– MS Smooth Streaming
or simple mp4, webM, ogg files, then you can watch them on your site with Bradmax Player. It is even supporting HLS or MS Smooth Streaming playback on platforms / devices, which
usually not support them. In such cases video is “transconded” on-fly in your browser durring playback.


  • A self-hosted website running on WordPress CRM.

Bradmax Player Features

  • Embed video streams into a post/page or anywhere on your WordPress site (supported streaming formats HLS, MPEG-DASH, MS Smooth Streaming).
  • Embed video files (MP4, WebM, Ogg) into your page.
  • Embed responsive videos for a better user experience while viewing from a mobile device.
  • Embed videos with poster images.
  • Automatically play a video when the page is rendered.
  • Embed videos uploaded to your WordPress media library using direct links in the shortcode.
  • No setup required, simply install and start embedding videos.
  • Lightweight and compatible with the latest version of WordPress
  • Clean and sleek player with no watermark.
  • Player customisation is available (change skin, colors, logo, etc.). It requires only sign-up on . It’s free and basic version of player is also free.

Bradmax Player Plugin Usage

In order to embed a video create a new post/page and use the following shortcode:

[bradmax_video url="" duration="596" poster=""]
  • “url” is the location of your streaming. You need to replace the sample URL with the actual URL of the video stream.
  • “duration” contain length in seconds of video, so it can be displayed on player before staring playback.
  • “poster” is locaiton of poster image, which should be displayed on player. Replace sample URL with link of your image.

Video Shortcode Options

The following options are supported in the shortcode.


Causes the video file to automatically play when the page loads.
Note: This option is working only on desktop devices. On mobile devices (phones, tablets, etc.) this option is not working.
It is platform limitation and clicking on video is required for starting playback

[bradmax_video url="" autoplay="true"]


Defines length of video stream in secods. Can contain fraction of second. It is required for displaying duration of video before staring playback.

[bradmax_video url="" duration="100.1"]


Defines image to show as placeholder before the video plays.

[bradmax_video url="" poster=""]


Defines CSS class, which should be added into player box on page (customizing view on WordPress page).

[bradmax_video url="" class="my-custom-player-css-class"]


Defines CSS style string, which should be added into player for on page (custmizing view on WordPress page).

[bradmax_video url="" style="width:400px;height:200px;border:solid 1px gray"]


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