Caspian GoogleAnalytics Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Caspian GoogleAnalytics Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Caspian GoogleAnalytics is a super easy and simple plugin to help you insert your GoogleAnalytics code. You don’t have to change any theme files or know any PHP. The plugin has only two settings, just save your tracking id and the GoogleAnalytics script will automatically be inserted in the head section of your site, which is then valid for your entire site. You can sit back and watch your site statistics in your GoogleAnalytics account.
This plugin is based on the WordPress Plugin Boilerplate for a standardized, organized and object-oriented codebase.


  • Caspian GoogleAnalytics adds a settings page to the WordPress backend where you can save your GoogleAnalytics Tracking-ID.
  • An option to cut off IP’s is provided to meet German privacy declarations.
  • The GoogleAnalytics Tracking Code is automatically added at the beginning of the head tag.
  • The plugin comes translated in English and German.
  • When uninstalling the plugin, all database entries that were made will be deleted. This plugin is not leaving any rubbish behind.


  1. Caspian GoogleAnalytics Settings.

    Caspian GoogleAnalytics Settings.

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