Category And Post Accordion Panel Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Category And Post Accordion Panel Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Category and Post Accordion Panel is a widget and content block plugin that is used to enhance the search experience and displays the categories and posts into accordion panel in wordpress.

Customer can search and view the posts according to categories with ajax load more option. This plugin can be configured by unlimited shortcodes and widget for the sidebar and content. It supports fully responsive layout with four different styles.


  • Ajax based loading posts according to category panel selection.
  • Responsive styles and customizable template.
  • Four new clean and modern designs.
  • Allows to config unlimited widget for content area and sidebar that can be used in the same or any pages.
  • Load next posts using ajax ‘load more’ functionality.
  • Text and background color settings from admin panel for the widget heading, category tab, post title.
  • Supports categories selection for the accordion panel configuration.


  1. category-and-post-accordion-panel screenshot 1


  2. category-and-post-accordion-panel screenshot 2


  3. category-and-post-accordion-panel screenshot 3


  4. category-and-post-accordion-panel screenshot 4


  5. category-and-post-accordion-panel screenshot 5


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