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Plugin Description

Cenchat is a comment hosting service that reinvents how discussions happen around your work. We focus on getting rid of online harassment and making conversations geared more towards the people you know and care about.

Make moderation less, not just easier

Get rid of online harassment

Continuously provide a positive environment around your work. Your audiences can only add texts to their comments when replying to someone who follows them. To anyone else, only GIFs and stickers are available.

Ask me anything

Your stories are great and we’d like to ask some stuff about it. Ask Me Anything threads allows your audiences to send text comments only to you.

Designed to make the important comments discoverable


Sometimes, we just want to know what people who we care about have to say. In Cenchat, when you follow someone, you see their comments first.

No deep threading

Discussions are flat but we also allow 1 level deep of replies. Now you don’t have to worry about missing responses buried underneath the reply chain.

Bring more audience

Share comments

Anyone can be famous. It just takes one comment. You’ll also get more traffic when they do.

Get back those lost conversations

Sharing your work is great but this also leads to conversations happening outside of it. In Cenchat, your audiences can tag other people giving you the opportunity for more engagement.


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    Cenchat Comments

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