CH Fade Slider Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

CH Fade Slider Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

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CH Fade slider is the best solution for those who wants to demonstrate images in a superb way; you can reach this result due to the Code House Fade Slider.

When to create the Slider Code House takes into consideration not only the design but the functionality as well. So let’s enjoy the Slider which has been made by following the latest design tendency.

Creating Slider with Code House is easy, it works very fast. You can add images from computer, and upload a bunch of new images from Media Library at once. Arrange the Slider according to your taste easily by drag and drop function.

It is very simple to create slider for your WordPress site, you can add images & Text, as well as, add a slider to the posts, pages and template files. The slider allows to have unlimited amount of images with their titles and descriptions.

The slider uses shortcode for making it easier to add it to the custom location.

Code House aims to make your website more attractive and good-looking. With this slider, you can add only Image’s slider, Nothing else. We will try to add more & more functionality with this slider in our next version.

The main features

  • Unlimited amount of images to be added.
  • you can add Slider title, Button text & buton url.
  • Possibility to add URL to tailor specific pages.
  • The Slider Button include hyperlinks
  • Shortable functionality: have shortable functionality for change your slider ordering from admin
  • Ability to build quality, responsive WordPress slider in a seconds
  • Slider looks great on various devices

More about options

  • You can Edit Slider Without Page reload.
  • Can Delete Slider.
  • You can Desable specific Image from Slider.

Fully Responsive

This slider have automatically responsive.

Title And Description

You can add Title, Button Text & Button Url for all the images within the slider it will beautifully overlay on the slider image with the slightly droped function.

Custom URL For Each Slide Button

When adding an image in Slider, you can make it so it links to a specific page. URL link for each slider button, and works on button click.

FAQ & User Manual

We update our FAQ on our webpage latter.
If you think, that you found a bug in our [CH Fade Slider] plugin or have any question contact us at


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