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Clipr Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

This plugin requires Woocommerce installed on your e-shop, and a Clip account.
Does not have a Clipr account yet ? Ask for one at !

Clipr lets you “storify” your e-shop and boost your conversion rate !

Technically, this module consists in creating 4 new controllers our Clipr platform will use :

  1. “checkConfig” controller :
    Allow Clipr to detect if this plugin is installed on your shop.

  2. {your_product_url}?cnv_cap_id=1 :
    This allows Clipr to retrieve product id from any product url

  3. “productData” controller :
    Allow Clipr to get all necessary public information of a given product identified by its id.
    Note that a token validation system is preventing other domain names to use this URL.

  4. “cartBuilder” controller :
    This is where customers who clicked on “checkout” button will be redirected to.
    This controller asks Clipr for cart content, then programmatically add products into cart, and finally redirect customer directly on your checkout page.

These routes are independent : not a single code injection is made on your existing pages, so this plugin cannot change the current behavior of your shop.

Find out more at !


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