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Comment Crusher Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Many people use WP as a fully fledged CMS, building sites which don’t even have a blog. In such cases, the WP comments functionality is a waste of pixels and needs completely removing. Comment Crusher was made to quickly and thoroughly clear your install of every trace of comment functionality.

For many years I have used this collection of hooks to achieve this end. So came the idea to put it in a plugin and make it available to the masses. Simply activate this plugin and never worry about comments again.

When activated, even though all pre-existing comments on your site won’t be visible, they do still exist in your database. This plugin doesn’t delete them. And so deactivating the plugin will restore full comments functionality and reveal all previous comments again.

This plugin does not collect any data, neither does it modify your database.

  • Disable comment and trackback support from all post-types
  • Deactivate comments and pings on the front end
  • Hide all existing comments
  • Remove the comment metabox from the dashboard
  • Remove comments link from the toolbar
  • Remove the admin menu link for comments
  • Redirect anyone trying to access the comments admin page

This plugin was built using the WP Plugin Boilerplate and the custom functionality code I think goes back to Matt Clements in 2013.


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