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CommentBox Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description is a privacy-conscious hosted commenting system. In direct contrast to Disqus, we don’t serve ads or mine user data. Our main goal is to provide an excellent commenting experience for both our customers and their end-users, with a philosophy of friendliness, transparency, and responsibility.

To learn more, check us out here.


  • User-centric: Comments are our business. Not ads, not data. And no emails you didn’t ask for.
  • Simple design: Clean, modern, and subtle enough to blend in with your aesthetic.
  • Easy Moderation: Tame the wild west of internet comments with granular comment filters and user blocking.
  • Reliable: Comments are saved in highly-available, multi-region storage.
  • No lock-in: Export your comments on demand, directly from the dashboard.
  • Extensible: Use webhooks to automatically send your comments anywhere.


  • Comment or reply to comments using a subset of markdown.
  • Vote comments up or down.
  • Optionally be notified via email about replies to your comments.
  • Optionally post comments anonymously.
  • Flag improper comments to grab a moderator’s attention.
  • Requires email login or convenient social login via Facebook, Twitter, and Google.
  • Logins are preserved across websites, greatly reducing user friction.
  • Moderators can pin comments to the top, delete comments, and block users directly from the plugin.


  • Comments can either be automatically approved, require review, or be tested for review using granular filters.
  • We can notify you of comments requiring moderation via email, slack, or custom webhooks.
  • Search for and filter comments in the dashboard.
  • Block users for a period of time or permanently.


If you need any help or have any questions, feel free to reach out to A real human will reply!


  1. A typical comment thread.

    A typical comment thread.

  2. Commenting with options.

    Commenting with options.

  3. Replying to a comment.

    Replying to a comment.

  4. User login options.

    User login options.

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