Corresponda Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Corresponda Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Corresponda is a free plugin which allows you to dynamically display content based on a user selection from a dropdown or autocomplete search box. Create Corresponda widgets to insert in any page via shortcodes. For each option available for selection by your front end users, you can link a corresponding piece of text, which can include links. When a visitor to your site makes a selection from one of your search or dropdown boxes, the text you have set to relate to that input will be dynamically displayed below the input box.
Corresponda was designed to assist the creation of marketing pages by allowing users to submit a piece of information and be given a tailored response. This is particularly useful for enabling users to check if they are able to use a service based on a detail such as their location, especially when the answer based on some inputs will be negative, or displaying links to other sites based on a user�s input.
Create as many different widgets as you like and display them on different pages, or more than one on a single page, using unique shortcodes for each widget.
Data pairs for each widget can be entered individually via the plugin interface or uploaded in bulk as a CSV file. There is no limit to the number of data pairs you can add, or the amount of text that can correspond with each entry. Text that is wider than the width of the widget on the page will wrap and expand the widget vertically downwards automatically.
Use cases
� Create a dropdown for users to select from a list of cities in your country. If they select a city in which your service is available you may wish to display �we�re available in your city, click here to sign up�. If they select a city in which your service is not available, you may wish to display �click here to be notified when we launch in your city�.
� Create an autocomplete search box where users can enter the model of their car to find out whether it is eligible for a government scheme, or whether it is subject to a pollution charge.
� Link users to external sites � for example a widget on a page about product recalls could link users to the recall pages of relevant manufacturers, or serve users an appropriate affiliate link based on their input of a product they own.


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