CSS Margin & Padding Utility Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

CSS Margin & Padding Utility Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

This utility plugin adds a series of css classes that allow easy addition of set padding and margin to any element.

For basic use, the classes follow the format of [margin / padding][location letter: all, top, right, bottom, left, vertical, horizontal][amount: none, small, medium, large, extra large (0.5em, 1em, 2em, 4em)]

Also in the basic classes are percentages, taking the place of the last letter in the format [p][percentage] e.g. p7-5 for 7.5% or p15 for 15%.

Examples of Basic Classes:

  • man – margin all none margin: 0px;

  • prl – padding right large padding-right: 2em;

  • mvp5 – margin vertical 5% margin: 5% 0;

Additional utility classes – First / Last child

To add selective classes for adding margin / padding to the first / last child of the required element, simply add ‘last-‘ or ‘first-‘ to the basic classes.

Examples of Child Classes

  • last-mhxl – last-child margin horizontal extra large last-mhxl :last-child margin: 0 4em;

  • last-pbn – last-child padding bottom none last-pbn :last-child padding-bottom: 0;

  • first-mtm – first-child margin top medium first-mtm :first-child margin-top: 2em;

Additional utility classes – Responsive margin / padding

You can also apply the margin / padding required to certain screen widths, ranging from xl (min: 1200px) to xs (max: 480px). To use these responsive classes, add -[screen-size] to the end of the basic classes.

Examples of Responsive Classes

  • mrm-lg – margin right medium, large screen (max-width: 1199px) and (min-width: 980px) margin-right: 2em;

  • pas-xs – padding all small, xsmall screen (max-width: 480px) padding: 0.5em;

  • mhp15-md – margin horizontal 15%, medium screen (max-width: 979px) and (min-width: 768px)

**Additional utility classes – Boxsha


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