DashyLite Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

DashyLite Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

This plugin helps you to display Google Analytics data directly in your WordPress

  • Traffic widget
  • Countries widget
  • Devices widget
  • Mobile widget
  • Content widget
  • Browsers widget
  • Gender widget
  • New vs Returning widget

Dashy Pro

This plugin is the lite version of the Dashy plugin that comes with all the analytics features you will ever need including ads tracking, ecommerce tracking, custom dimensions tracking, popular post tracing, events tracking, and tons more. The pro version offers also support for Google Adsense, Google Search Console and Social stats. In the pro version you can create unlimited dashboards, you can use unlimited Analytics account(great for multi-site), unlimited widgets. All widgets are resizable and draggable!!!

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Easy installation

Installation is really simple. Simply create your own API project on Google Api’s console, create a service account key and
downolad the json key. Rename it google.json.

Upload the google.json key to your /wp-content/plugins/dashylite/admin directory.

Add your service account email to your view.

In the settings page simply add your preferred view ID.

That’s it.

More detailed info are in the settings page of the plugin.


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