Delivery For WooCommerce Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Delivery For WooCommerce Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Delivery for WooCommerce will let you configure your WooCommerce store for delivery (or pick up), the configuration will let you choose in which days the service is active and for everyday which are the time slots available.
It will also let you configure additional fees based on day or time slot (or a combination of both), order cutoff for timeslots, which shipping methods the delivery will be available and more.
Orders (in order list) will show a new “Delivery details” column, and the orders can be sorted by date and delivery time.

Free version is completely functional with a limited set of of options, upgrading to full version will retain your current configuration and unlock more features. Please visit our site to upgrade to full version.


  • Enable or disable delivery with one click
  • Choose global shipping method/zones for which you want the delivery enabled (maybe you want to create a delivery shipping method or maybe you don’t want delivery enabled for non local orders, you can use the WooCommerce flexibility to setup shipping methods) (Full version only)
  • Show delivery date and time in orders, sort by delivery date and time the list of orders
  • Choose date and time format
  • Set the days you want to enable delivery (only weekends? only weekdays?)
  • Set how many days in the future are allowed for placing order, also set if you accept same day delivery
  • Define a per day additional fee (you probably want too charge a little for weekends delivery?) (Full version only)
  • Define an unlimited number of time slots for delivery
  • Assign every time slot to only some days
  • Add another additional fee for a single time slot (Full version only)
  • Select the cutoff in minutes to accept orders for every time slot
  • Enable and disable time slots by shipping method and zones (Full version only)
  • Come in english (and italian) and can be easily translated


  1. Main options

    Main options

  2. Time settings

    Time settings

  3. Orders list

    Orders list

  4. Order details

    Order details

  5. Checkout page date selection for customers

    Checkout page date selection for customers

  6. Checkout page time selection for customers

    Checkout page time selection for customers

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