Developer Mode Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Developer Mode Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

If you develop WordPress websites for your clients, this is the plugin for you! Developer Mode makes it possible to easily disable certain parts of the admin panel for your clients, while keeping full control over all admin panel functionality for yourself and other developers. For example, you can hide certain menu items for non-developer users and even hide certain plugins from the plugins overview page.

The Developer Mode plugin allows your clients to be presented with a clean WordPress admin interface with only the functionality they need – and nothing more. You don’t want to allow your clients to fiddle with plugins, but you probably don’t want them to mess with your Advanced Custom Fields or Option Tree settings either. Let Developer Mode do the dirty work for you, and clean up your client’s admin interface with just a few mouse clicks!


Let’s face it: a big part of the WordPress admin panel is not suited for your clients. Some of your clients might not know enough about WordPress to have as many options as you as a developer need, and some parts of your website are just not meant to be tampered with by them. This is where the Developer Mode plugin steps in: it allows you to disable certain parts of the admin functionality in the admin panel, such as updating plugins, viewing menu items and disabling specific plugins.

Main options

  • Hide admin menu items for non-developer users, but not for yourself
  • Hide certain plugins from the plugin menu so non-developer users can’t disable them, while allowing them to enable, disable and install other plugins
  • Disable core, plugin or theme updates for non-developer users

Feature requests

If you have any feature requests for this plugin to allow you to clean up the admin interface for your clients even more, please drop us a message in the support forum and we will consider it for the next version! Suggestions are much appreciated!


  1. developer-mode screenshot 1

    A very extensive admin panel with many options your clients don’t need can be reduced to a clean admin interface with all your client needs for maintaining his website.

  2. developer-mode screenshot 2

    Hiding specific menu items from your clients admin interface is as easy as checking some checkboxes.

  3. developer-mode screenshot 3

    If you have a plugin that is essential to the core of your website, you don’t want your clients disabling that plugin.

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