Dig Bloginfo Shortcode Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Dig Bloginfo Shortcode Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Dig Bloginfo Shortcode


This plugin fetches the blog info data and allows it to be used as a shortcode in html. Examples:

[bloginfo key=’name’]
[bloginfo key=’url’]
[bloginfo key=’description’]


[bloginfo key=’name’] will return the ‘Blog name’
[bloginfo key=’url’] will return ‘http://www.example.com’
[bloginfo key=’description’] will return ‘Blog description’

Or directly to images in your theme folder:


name = Blog name
description = Blog description
admin_email = admin@email.com
url = http://example.com/home
wpurl = http://example.com/home/wp
stylesheet_directory = http://example.com/home/wp/wp-content/themes/child-theme
stylesheet_url = http://example.com/home/wp/wp-content/themes/child-theme/style.css
template_directory = http://example.com/home/wp/wp-content/themes/parent-theme
template_url = http://example.com/home/wp/wp-content/themes/parent-theme
atom_url = http://example.com/home/feed/atom
rss2_url = http://example.com/home/feed
rss_url = http://example.com/home/feed/rss
pingback_url = http://example.com/home/wp/xmlrpc.php
rdf_url = http://example.com/home/feed/rdf
comments_atom_url = http://example.com/home/comments/feed/atom
comments_rss2_url = http://example.com/home/comments/feed
charset = UTF-8
html_type = text/html
language = en-US
text_direction = ltr
version = 3.1

Complete list of parameters:



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