Do Not Track Stats Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Do Not Track Stats Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Do Not Track Stats performs an analysis of the HTTP headers received by your website – while respecting the privacy choices made by your visitors – to compile statistical measurements about the use of the “Do Not Track” policy.

This policy signal is sent to your site by some of your visitors, indicating that they do not want to be tracked.
For each request received by your site, if it is not excluded by your settings, Do Not Track Stats checks the header and stores the presence or absence of this signal.
The possible values are:
* unset: the visitor did not specify anything
* consent (opt in): the visitor has explicitly consented to the tracking
* opposition (opt out): the visitor explicitly opposes tracking – if you want to comply with the GDPR, you must act accordingly to that non-consent

Of course, Do Not Track Stats respects the privacy choices made by your visitors: it doesn’t handle or store confidential data (like names, ip addresses, etc.) nor does it use any intrusive technology for privacy (like cookies).

For more details on the “Do Not Track” policy, you can consult the wikipedia page devoted to it, or the Electronic Frontier Foundation website.


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