Doboz For WooCommerce Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Doboz For WooCommerce Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Doboz for WooCommerce allows Doboz’s Gift Cards to be redeemed in your WooCommerce checkout. You can view and track GiftCard redemptions and also issue GiftCard refunds from your WooCommerce dashboard.
Doboz is a modern platform for digital account credits, Gift Cards, Promotions, and Points—made for customer acquisition and retention.
To learn more, visit Doboz.

How to Get Started

  • Get a Doboz account here.
  • Install plugin
  • First complete the basic on-boarding process of Gift cards.
  • Get access key by creating an application(API) and add the access key in plugins.

How to Create Giftcard

  • Create a campaign with preloaded value flag true.
  • Create Giftcard style, will use for sending your brand image along with Giftcard via email in case of refund.
  • Create Gift cards within created campaign.
  • Distribute your WooCommerce-ready Gift Cards codes to customers

To connect the plugin with your Doboz account to process Gift Cards, you will need to enter your Doboz API key in the plugin settings as detailed below.


The following features are supported in the current version (1.0.0) of this plugin:
* Pay for an order by a Gift Card.
* Split payment on an order using a Gift Card and another payment method.
* Pay for an order using more than one Gift Card.
* Cancel an order by the customer after attempting to pay with a Gift Card, if the order balance exceeds the value of the Card.
* Issue full order refund by the store admin when an order is paid by a Gift Card.
* Detailed log of all the transactions on an order for the store admin.
* Use Gift Cards with Doboz Attached Promotions including Promotions with Redemption Rules.
The current version of this plugin has been tested to work seamlessly with Stripe, PayPal Standard, and CardConnect WooCommerce plugins.

WooCommerce Coupons

To avoid confusion on the checkout page, if you are using Doboz Gift Cards, we strongly recommend that you disable WooCommerce coupons. You can disable WooCommerce default coupons by going to WooCommerce >Settings > Checkout tab > Checkout options and unchecking the checkbox Enable the use of coupons.


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