DR!M Share Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

DR!M Share Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

This plugin adds social sharing buttons to your WP website.
It’s optimized for mobile devices, it loads only a small stylesheet and doesn’t slow down your website, compatible with custom post types, WPML ready and very easy to configure.

The following networks are currently suported:
+ Facebook
+ Twitter
+ LinkedIn
+ Google Plus
+ Pinterest

  • also you can add WhatsApp button for mobile devices.

You can customize it to fit your website.


You can choose the button type, its shape and style. All together you have quiet a lot of combinations.

Button types:
+ Icon only
+ Text only
+ Icon and text

Button shapes:
+ Square
+ Round
+ Circle

Several predefined button styles:
+ Default colors
+ Grey
+ Black & White
+ Inner and outer shadows
+ etc.

You can preview the buttons in WP admin dashboard before adding to front end.

Button Positions

You can choose where to display the buttons on your pages.

In content area:
+ Above the content
+ Below the content
+ Both

In a fixed side bar:
+ On the left
+ On the right

Mobile Options

You have the options to choose:
+ to display In Content buttons
+ to display fixed bar (on mobile it is on the bottom)
+ to make the buttons on the fixed bar fill its full width

Post Types

You choose on which types of posts/pages to display the buttons.
+ Default post types: Posts and Pages.
+ Custom post types, in case you have them in your website.
+ Homepage (* applies to In Content buttons only).
+ Archive pages (* applies to In Content buttons only).

Additional Options

Some additional options:
+ Choose the buttons alignment
+ Add borders to the buttons block and change the border color
+ Add a heading text before the buttons

Read more about this plugin here.


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