Dynamic Elementor Addons Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Dynamic Elementor Addons Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Dynamic Elementor Addons focuses on displaying your posts in Elementor instead of using Elementor’s default display post. With this plugin, you’re free to customize the HTML code and style it with your theme’s style.css.


Step 1: Download the dea-template in dynamic-elementor-addons plugin directory, paste it in your theme.

Step 2: Go to your desired page where you want to display your posts. Click Edit with Elementor.

Step 3: On Elementor’s editor sidebar, scroll down to Dynamic Addons Widget and pick Dynamic Post.

Step 4: You can customize the post type, post count, post order, etc. On the bottom part, there’s a template name field. This field calls the php template file you want to use for this post. For example, you type in homepage-offer then you should create a homepage-offer.php under {your-theme}/dea-templates/homepage-offer.php.

Step 5: Open your theme’s style.css and you can start adding your styles there to design your new template.

Easy right? Enjoy and stay tuned as it will get updated possibly often with new features.


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