Embedery Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Embedery Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

A WordPress plugin to easily integrate with Embedery widgets and to unlock the true potential of your website.

Embedery is a collection of widgets better understand your customer, to increase user engagement and to improve the user experience of your application or website.

Key Features
* Manage your widgets from the WordPress admin
* Gutenburg block supported to help with embedding widgets
* Shortcode to embed your widgets
* Modern, clean and responsive design
* Easily manage who and when your widgets can be shown
* An easy to use widget editor built form the ground up
* Custom widget branding and styling
* Real time data, see your widget submissions appear in real time


We currently only suppport English, but we do plan to add support for other languages in the future.

Connecting your account

The next step after installation is to authorise your website to access your Embedery property. To do this,

  1. Navigate to the Embedery plugin administration page
  2. Click on “Connect your account”
  3. You will be navigated to Embedery.com, once there, select the property you want to pair
  4. Then you will be navigated back to your WordPress website, and your property will be paired
  5. Enjoy embedding your widgets into your pages and blog posts

The Embedery shortcode

This is the structure of the shortcode, the id attribute should contain your widget id.


[embedery id=”bfZeWT0dcll3Me6AGLD0″]

Please note to ensure your widgets are embedding correctly, ensure you have set you property id in the Embedery panel found in the left admin sidebar.


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