Event Calendar & Ticketing Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Event Calendar & Ticketing Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

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The Event Calendar & Ticketing plugin is a rock solid events calendar that easily integrates into your site. Developed and supported by the professional full-time developers at IgniteWoo, this powerful plugin lets you publish your events quick and easy, and you can optionally include venues, organizers, speakers, sponsors, and Google Maps right out of the box.

Want to sell tickets too? No problem. Our WooEvents Pro plugin directly integrates with WooCommerce and turns Events Calendar & Ticketing into an ultra powerful ticket sales system, supporting over 120 different payment gateways.

Solid Architecture & Fully Supported

Our code development adheres to the WordPress standards for coding style and quality. Our events calendar solution is among the best of the best, backed up by our 10 years of WordPress development experience.

We stand behind every product we make. So if you need help then contact us directly for the fastest response. We strive to respond the same day whenever possible.

Flexible, Powerful, Easy to Use

Whether you’re a one-person operation occassionally listing events, or an organization holding thousands of events, we’ve got you covered. Publish your events calendar in a basic fashion with a title, description, pictures, and maybe some video. Or, create venues, organizers, speakers, and sponsors, and easily add those to your events for complete information.

Event Calendar & Ticketing is as easy to use as creating any kind of new post or page in WordPress. It’s really that simple.


Need a great base plugin to use for your next totally custom developed events calendar system? Event Calendar & Ticketing is a great place to start. Our code is clean, easy to read, easy to follow, and easily modified to suit your needs.

It’s 100% architected around WordPress custom post types and taxonomies, and fully supports custom post type templates. No strangely coded PHP code libraries and no proprietary data storage. If you’re familiar with custom post types and post meta data then you’ll be off to the races in no time flat. Go for it!


  • Publish any number of events on your site

  • Easily integrate a responsive events calendar into any post or page on your site using a simple shortcode

  • Easily manage event calendar categories and tags

  • Easily manage venues, organizers, speakers, and sponsors, including featured images, embedded videos, file attachments, bio, description, address, contact info, and more

  • Optionally add venues, organizers, speakers, and sponsors to any event

  • Easily display a Google Map to your venue location

  • View events by day, week, month, category, tag, venue, organizer, sponsor, and speaker. Fully supports WordPress custom post type templates

  • Customize the event details template HTML and CSS to fit your theme

  • Customize the events calendar CSS to fit your theme

  • Includes microdata support for better SEO of your events

  • International language support for translators

  • Includes an Upcoming Events widget

Need more feaures? Want to sell tickets? Go pro with WooEvents Pro!

WooEvents™ Pro:

WooEvents Pro extends the functionality of Event Calendar & Ticketing tremendously.

Sell tickets, or not. Your choice. Either way, you gain the ability to create complex events itineraries and recurring events.

If you opt to sell tickets then you gain a world of functionality. WooEvents Pro is quite possibly the best solution available today. It integrates directly with the free WooCommerce plugin, which means you easily gain a super powerful ticket selling platform capable of taking payment with over 100 different payment gateways.

All your ticketed events are fully configurable products in WooCommerce.

No hacks, no shims, no funky workarounds. Just straight up deep direct integration with WooCommerce.

With WooEvents Pro:

  • 5-star priority support via email and phone

  • Sell tickets using over 100 different payment gateways – any gateway supported by WooCommerce works with WooEvents Pro.

  • Create recurring events on daily, weekly, monthly, or custom schedules

  • Integrated Google Calendar export support for your event calendar

  • Integrated iCal export support for you events calendar

  • Includes a mini-calendar widget to display an events calendar anywhere you can place a widget

  • Establish per-buyer ticket quantity purchase limits to thwart ticket scalpers

  • Set up event ticket variations to sell specific seating, where each variation can have it’s own stock quantity, regular price, and sale price. For example, set up an event that has 5 types of seating and sell each type in a different quantity and cost

  • Set up limited quantity tickets at special prices. Example: Offer the first 10 ticket buyers a special discount on select seating by using ticket-related coupons or variation product quantities to limit availability

  • Schedule large events and conferences with multiple sessions, multiple sponsors, and multiple speakers. Example: Easily create a multi-session event or conference where there might be many sessions and each session has 1 or more speakers – and optionally assign organizers and sponsors to those sessions, and/or the entire event or conference. Easily rearrange your complete event information with simple drag-and-drop functionality

  • Allow buyers to print their own tickets, complete with QR Codes. The QR codes link directly to the customer’s order page in the WordPress admin area or a mini check-in interface, so you can quickly get your guests checked in at the door.

  • Generate reports of event attendees and related data to quickly get a view of who you’re expecting to attend. Sort your report by any field in the report. Plus, you can print your reports or export them to CSV/Excel or PDF files.

  • Allow backorders to create “waiting lists

  • Add custom forms to event sales pages using our easy form generator. Use this super powerful feature to collect additional information or provide upsells or addons. For example, sell shwag to an event so buyers can order the t-shirt etc at the same time they purchase tickets. Custom form fields can be single line text, multi-line text, radio buttons, checkboxes, dropdown list, or a file upload field, and each field can have an optional price assigned to it so that if a buyer selects something in the form with a price the cost is added to the price of the ticket purchase during checkout.

  • Offer ticket discount coupon codes. Easily use the coupon features of WooCommerce to generate any number of coupons or discounts for an event

  • Schedule times when you have tickets on sale at discounted prices – e.g. lower than the regular price. Sale prices start and end automatically based on the dates you assign in the event.

  • Optionally manage regular non-ticket events and ticket-related events separately.

  • Optionally display individual calendars for non-ticket events or ticket-related, or display a calendar with both types of events combined.

  • Don’t want to sell tickets for a particular event? No problem, just publish the event in WooCommerce with an empty price. The event instantly becomes a full event listing with no purchase options.

  • Use some of the many, many add-ons for WooCommerce to enhance your event attendance and/or ticket sales.

  • Works with any theme that fully supports WooCommerce

  • Fully translatable into your language of choice

More Addons

Have a close look at WooEvents Pro now.

WooEvents Pro – Nothing else even comes close.

And while you’re at it check out our other add-ons for WooCommerce.

IgniteWoo™ and WooEvents™ are trademarks of IgniteWoo, LLC. All Rights Reserved.


  1. event-calendar-ticketing screenshot 1

    Settings for an individual event. You can add start and end dates, add venues, organizers, sponsors, and speaker, opt to display a Google map, and optionally set an event price too.

  2. event-calendar-ticketing screenshot 2

    Full size events calendar in a page, in month view mode

  3. event-calendar-ticketing screenshot 3

    Upcoming events widget in a sidebar. It displays the title, start and end dates, price, and thumbnail of the featured image

  4. event-calendar-ticketing screenshot 4

    Editing a speaker. Note that editing venues, organizers, and sponsors is similar

  5. event-calendar-ticketing screenshot 5

    Extensive settings to help you control import aspects of your events calendar system

  6. event-calendar-ticketing screenshot 6

    Event listing page example, with complete event details

  7. event-calendar-ticketing screenshot 7

    Event listings in the WordPress admin area

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