Event Registration Calendar By VCita Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Event Registration Calendar By VCita Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Use Event Registration Calendar for meetups, seminars, tours, workshops, lectures, business circles, classes any other event type.
Whether you run one-time events, recurring events, classes or group meetings – Event Registration Calendar by vCita is the ultimate solution for your business!

Event Registration Calendar live demo

Event Registration Calendar key features:

  • Display your events – show your list of offered events and services on your website.
  • Allow clients to register online – add a scheduling widget to your website and invite clients to register to your events online.
  • Manage attendees – set the maximum number of event attendees, add or remove event registrants, send message to all event registrants and more.
  • Collect & manage payments – list the price for your event, accept online payments, request a payment during registration, send an invoice or manually update attendee’s payment status.
  • Automate confirmations & reminders – registrants will automatically receive email or SMS reminder to reduce no-shows.
  • Manage calendar and clients – professional calendar to manage your staff’s availability, clients and upcoming events.
  • Mobile appiPhone and Android app to manage calendar, events and clients on-the-go

Event Registration Calendar by vCita offers a free forever plan, as well as 14-day free trial for all premium options.

Event Registration Calendar is part of vCita LiveSite.
LiveSite is designed to empower clients and bring more business your way by inviting visitors to connect: send message, schedule a callback or a meeting, register to an event, make a payment, send a document and more.


Event Registration Calendar By vCita is currently available in:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • French
  • German
  • Polish

Event Registration Calendar – Premium Options

  • Unlimited event registrants and attendees – Unlock the limit of 5 attendees, and manage events with unlimited attendees!
  • Online upfront payments – request a payment as part of the event registration process, and accept online payment for the event.
  • Event attendance management – mark clients who attended the event, update payment status and more.
  • List unlimited upcoming events – add and manage unlimited events and show as many events as you need on your event registration calendar.
  • Get more info on your event registrants – customize the event registration form to include all the information you need, and get additional insights from social media.
  • Manage your staff calendar – manage your business calendar, add appointments, events and busy times. See your staff’s availability and more.
  • Advanced event reminders – automatically remind your clients of upcoming events via SMS to reduce no-shows.

Online registration with Event Registration calendar

  • Present your event calendar
  • Let clients pick the relevant event from your calendar
  • Set the calendar colors, calendar color theme, and add a logo to your calendar.
  • Add events to your calendar
  • Invite clients to book a service from your calendar, based on your availability
  • Show you updated availability on your calendar
  • Mobile friendly calendar design
  • Intuitive calendar design
  • Display an event calendar on your website
  • Create customized event registration form
  • Collect payments as part of the event registration process
  • Create invitation-only events
  • Set recurring events

Business Calendar Management

Event Registration Calendar by vCita is much more than just online registration solution for your events.
Use Event Registration Calendar to manage your business calendar and schedule, and invite customers to book time with you:

  • Easily add events to your business calendar
  • Add staff members to your vCita account and view all staff members’ schedule on one calendar
  • Manage your business availability add calendar
  • Invite clients for appointments or meetings through your calendar
  • View your calendar and schedule on-the-go with the vCita mobile app for iPhone and Android

Find out more about vCita online payments and invoicing templates

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  1. event-registration-calendar-by-vcita screenshot 1

    Event registration and management calendar – on web and mobile

  2. event-registration-calendar-by-vcita screenshot 2

    Present you list of offered events and services

  3. event-registration-calendar-by-vcita screenshot 3

    Customized registration form

  4. event-registration-calendar-by-vcita screenshot 4

    Advanced event management options

  5. event-registration-calendar-by-vcita screenshot 5

    Automated confirmations and reminders

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