Fabrica Dashboard Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Fabrica Dashboard Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Fabrica Dashboard gives you a powerful and useful overview of all the content and activity on your site, to help you keep it up to date, in order, and under control. It makes WordPress a more powerful and enjoyable CMS, especially for editorial and multi-user sites.

Its widgets give you an instant insight into:

  • the Posts, Pages and custom content types that make up your site
  • recent activity across content, media, and comments
  • who has been doing what (what have team-members been writing and editing, and how have end-users been responding)
  • possible security issues with your site

No configuration is required: Fabrica Dashboard adapts automatically to what, and who, is in your site. It shows any Custom Post Types or Custom Taxonomies used by your themes or plugins, and the information shown to each user takes into account their role and privileges. Administrators and Editors can see what other users have been doing, while Authors and Contributors can only see their own content and activity.

100% compatible with Dashboard widgets from other plugins and themes – for example, you can keep your WooCommerce or Analytics widgets alongside ours, in whichever layout you like.

Fabrica Dashboard’s comprehensive overview gives you instant answers to these questions:

How big is my site? How fast is it growing? What’s changed?

The Editorial Overview widget shows you summary counts of published items and registered users, allowing you to keep an eye on size and growth effortlessly between your logins.

What makes up my site?

The Content Breakdown widget shows you a table of all the content types in the site, including draft, scheduled and trashed items.

What’s been happening on the site?

The Content Activity widget shows, in one list place, all the recent additions and edits across all content types.

What’s been uploaded?

The Media Breakdown widget shows you everything in the uploads folder, organised by type and including total file sizes. Unpermitted file types are flagged with a warning, helping you to see if your site has been compromised.

How is user participation going?

For sites with comments enabled, the Discussion Overview widget gives you an instant sense of how public participation is going, with total comment numbers, and a summary of what’s happened since you last logged in.

What have visitors been saying?

The Comments Activity widget shows a quick overview of recent comments, with a toggle to see comments on your own content only.

Who and where am I?

The Site and You panels are personalised for the current site and user, and give you additional useful information, such as how long since the last change on the site, and how long since your last login.


  1. Full view of Fabrica Dashboard

    Full view of Fabrica Dashboard

  2. Editorial Overview

    Editorial Overview

  3. Content Breakdown

    Content Breakdown

  4. Content Activity

    Content Activity

  5. Media Breakdown

    Media Breakdown

  6. Discussion Overview

    Discussion Overview

  7. Comments Activity

    Comments Activity

  8. Site / You

    Site / You

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