FIT: Featured Image Toolkit Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

FIT: Featured Image Toolkit Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Featured Image Toolkit allows you to set minimum size requirements for featured images. Content editors are shown warnings in both the edit post screen and the featured image popup / modal if they are attempting to use an image which is too small.

This plugin was made for other developers and WP implementers who are asked everyday by their clients ’what size should our featured images be’. Rather than having your clients write it down on a bit of paper, loose it, upload images which are far too small and look awful why not show them a nice helpful warning and guide them within the edit post screen?

FIT to the rescue! This plugin allows you to:
– Set minimum sizes for posts and pages.
– Warn editors if they are trying to use small images.
– Visually guide editors when using the featured image library.

Premium support is available for FIT, we also offer the following features to premium users:

  • Works for all post types with thumbnail support enabled
  • Prevent setting the featured image if it does not met the size requirements
  • Customise the image warning messages
  • WooCommerce product image compatible
  • 3 different license types

To take advantage of the premium features you can make a purchase here: FIT: Premium
Or from the upgrade section in the plugins settings.


  1. Options Screen

    Options Screen

  2. Edit screen warnings

    Edit screen warnings

  3. Modal / Popup warnings

    Modal / Popup warnings

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