Flashchat App Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Flashchat App Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

With Flashchat you can bring your shop into Facebook Messenger, automate conversations & convert your audience into paying customers with a plug & play way. Flashchat provides you the ability to automate replies on your frequently asked questions and improve customer support on both your Facebook Page and your website saving valuable time from your customer service team.

At the same time, Flashchat empowers you to promote your products in the most mobile & efficient way. Features like Messenger Cart enable your audience to buy the product they like with a frictionless way that can double the orders you receive through Facebook. Push notifications & segmented campaigns create ongoing sales opportunities that systematically convert up to 12% of your audience into paying customers. Moreover, Flashchat dashboard helps you monitor, configure & constantly optimize the performance of the service.

In a nutshell, Flashchat helps you to collect users inside the most emerging communication channel (Messenger) and gives you the tools to automate conversations with them converting them to paying customers.

Is Flashchat for you?

Does your business receive the same messages again and again on its Facebook Page, but you don’t want to burn your resources for repetitive actions?

Then Flashchat’s Smart Replies feature is for you!

Does your business receive comments on its Facebook posts related with your content, but you don’t have the resources to respond effectively and on a timely manner?

Then Flashchat’s Comments Auto-reply feature is for you!

Does your business receive messages on its website asking for more information, but support agents are not available?

Then, Flashchat’s webchat plugin feature is for you!

Do you wish to re-market all these audience & potential customers who have interacted with your business in social media?

Then Flashchat’s Segmented Campaigns feature is for you!

Do you wish to start conversations with 1.3Bn potential customers and boost your prospects even further?

Then, Flashchat’s Conversational Ads feature is for you!

Here is how it works:

  1. You have an active WooCommerce Shop running (via the WooCommerce WordPress plugin).
  2. You activate Flashchat App Plugin and initiate integration.
  3. Flashchat is connected with your Facebook Business Page.
  4. Your audience sends messages or makes comments to your Facebook Business Page.
  5. Flashchat’s webchat plugin automates conversations also with your website visitors.
  6. Flashchat recovers abandoned carts sending targeted messages automatically.
  7. Through Flashchat, you automate segmented messenger campaigns to your audience creating ongoing sales opportunities.
  8. Flashchat dashboard presents performance metrics and enables you to configure content and contact rules in order to maximize performance.
  9. If you desire, you can also sync your product catalogue with your Facebook page.
  10. Flashchat replies automatically, enabling audience to find and buy relevant products through Messenger Cart.

Key features:

  • Automated replies on Frequently Asked Questions
  • Segmented Messenger Campaigns
  • Messenger Cart
  • Webchat Plugin
  • Cart Recovery
  • Agent Handover
  • Facebook Comments Auto-replies
  • Dashboard Analytics

Automated replies on Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • With this feature, you enable your business to respond to your audience’s questions automatically 24/7.
  • You can edit or add content regarding your most Frequently Asked Questions along with the corresponding Chatbot responses.
  • You can drag to re-order, edit or add content to maximize Flashchat’s efficiency and serve the majority of the requests with the best possible way.
  • You always have the option to configure, enable or disable this feature through Flashchat’s dashboard.

Segmented Messenger Campaigns

  • With Flashchat you can send a Messenger Notification-Newsletter to your audience and distribute relevant content to the right recipients in the most direct & efficient way.
  • You can choose the format of your Messenger Newsletter, text only or photo combined with text.
  • You can test how Messenger Newsletter works before sending it over to a selected audience.
  • You can insert a link to redirect the recipients and boost traffic to a specific webpage of your choice.
  • You can configure and test several Call-to-Action messages to maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Messenger Cart

  • With Flashchat you sync the inventory of your eshop with Facebook Messenger presenting your products in the most direct and efficient way.
  • Each product can be selected from your audience activating a Messenger Cart.
  • Messenger cart enables your audience to make direct purchases inside Facebook Messenger with a seamless experience.

Webchat Plugin

  • Webchat Plugin allows not only your Facebook page audience but also your website visitors to interact with your businesses automatically 24/7 reducing costs related with live support.
  • Webchat also enables your business to grow your Messenger audience that is eligible to receive Messenger Newsletters & notifications from your business.
  • Webchat Plugin works seamlessly with Agent Handover so when needed an agent can take over a conversation.

Agent Handover

  • Agents can take over the conversation between a user and your business when needed.
  • When a question remains unanswered by Flashchat, your customer support team will be notified through a message sent on Facebook Messenger.
  • Agent handover enables you to assign Notifications to different members of your customer support team based on the type of the inquire (e.g: complains, orders, product return, etc) so that to maximize the effectiveness of your customer support.
  • You can always change your team member, enable or disable this feature through Flashchat’s dashboard.

Facebook Comments Auto-replies

  • For many retailers out there, comments on Facebook Page’s posts is an important communication channel in terms of volume, customers’ feedback and brand image.
  • Flashchat’s Comments Auto-replies enable retailers to respond and handle every single comment they receive, moving public comments to 1-2-1 brand-to-consumer automated conversations.
  • Comments Auto-replies can be triggered by specific keywords or phrases turning this feature to a great customer support and marketing tool (detect specific complaints, run contests, etc).
  • Comments Auto-replies is also a great tool to grow you audience in Messenger. Users who make comments, get response from Comments Auto-replies and start conversations with Flashchat, also become eligible to receive Segmented Messenger Campaigns.

Dashboard Analytics

  • Our customers have full access to our dashboard in order to monitor the efficiency and the performance of Flashchat.
  • Several KPIs like FAQs efficiency, percentage of users who needed agent support, number of orders, total sales per period and many others help our customers get a full picture of the value they get from Flashchat.
  • Flashchat analytics along with the unlimited access to our content dashboard, provide retailers a complete toolkit to constantly maximize the value they get from Facebook Messenger.

Why Flashchat

  • It is the only plug & play All-in-One Messenger Commerce Platform for retailers in the market.
  • You can change, edit and configure your content and contact rules, make the integrations very easily using our dashboard. No coding, flow design and marketing skills required to set up, maintain and optimize the service.
  • Flashchat goes beyond simple notifications and starts targeted conversations with your audience across touchpoints (website visitors, Facebook page comments, Facebook inbox, Messenger, Messenger codes).
  • With Flashchat you improve customer support, you automate segmented campaigns, you remarket your audience and you significantly uplift your revenues.
  • Flashchat incorporates features like comments auto-replies that can constantly grow your audience and the number of potential customers without additional cost.
  • All features can be triggered across the most important touchpoints for your business, your website, your facebook page, your facebook ads.
  • Flashchat can generate value from both your website visitors and your Facebook audience and can capture up to 10x more users for you comparing to simple email or messenger tools.
  • Flashchat’s Messenger Notifications generates response rates 5-10x higher than similar email campaigns.
  • Automated Segmented campaigns generate ongoing conversation and sales opportunities with your entire audience.
  • Best Automated Segmented campaigns are waiting you in your account.
  • Our team has more than 20 years of collective experience in Conversational Commerce and has created a plug & play app, easy to install in just 3 minutes. Need further support? Our team of customer success, developers and conversion specialists are available 24/7 for you to make sure you will be fully satisfied with Flashchat’s performance.


  • Facebook
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Facebook ads
  • Messenger
  • Webchat plugin
  • Shopify
  • Magento
  • WooCommerce
  • PrestaShop


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    Key Features: All-in-One Messenger Commerce Platform

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