Free Contact Us Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Free Contact Us Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

The “Free contact us” wordpress plugin is for free. By using this plugin you agree to show our free offers on an interstitial page between the submission of “Contact us” form and the thank you text after it.

As an additional feature, which you will be able to choose from the wordpress settings of this plugin, you will be able to integrate your account (email marketing service) within the plugin. This will allow users visiting the contact us form to choose if they want to subscribe to your mailing list after submitting the “Contact us” form.

If the user enters his message and other informations to the “Contact us” form and submits it then before form is submitted he will be shown this free offers page. On this page, free offers will be shown and he will be able to checkmark the offers he wants and also there will be button for submit and continue. By clicking on submit & continue button, the Contact us form will be processed, the contact us email will be sent and also the user will be subscribed to the mailing list of your account.

How to subscribe users with aweber servece

  • If you want to suscribe users to your aweber list please follow the steps below:

    1) Go to plugin settings -> Free Contact us and click aweber tab at the top of page

    2) Click the link “Click here to get your authorization code”

    3) You will be redirected to a page where you will have to login to your account to authorize this connection

    4) Get your authorization code and paste it in the field of Aweber settings then click “Make connection” button.

    5) After that more options will appear bellow the “Make connection” button

    6) You will be able to checkmark the checkbox “Turn on Aweber subscription” – by this option a checkbox will be added bellow the “Contact us” form where the user will able to choose if he wants to receive your newsletter or not.

    7) You can change the “Checkbox title” if you need.

    8) Choose the list which you want to use for the new subscribers.

    9) Click “set options” button to save the changes.


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