GD Plugin Core - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

GD Plugin Core Preview - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Basic idea was to shorten the plugin development time. When you start working on a new plugin, you need to create a lot of basic code for initialization of options page, widget initialization and this is even more complicated if you want a plugin to support multi instance widgets. And this you need to repeat for every plugin.

And, repeating this every time gets very tiresome and mistakes are easily made. So, you might want to try using this base class, extending it and setting only the things you need.

Class Features

The GD Plugin Core class implements following features:

  • Options subpage on a Settings page
  • Options subpage on a Plugins page
  • Options subpage on a Manage page
  • Setting user level for added subpages
  • Multi instance widget
  • Loading of translations if available
  • Adding files (css, js…) into header
  • Event log with log file support
  • WordPress filters for header and footer
  • Unlimited number of Shortcodes
  • Additional Helper class with useful functions


  1. gd-plugin-core screenshot 1

    Plugin Creation Wizard

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