Global Custom Fields Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Global Custom Fields Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Customize WordPress with Global Custom Fields! You can use GCF for example to create global text fields, variable contents for each language (creating a group of fields for each language on your site), to save custom urls and retrieve them wherever you want, to create custom fields with PHP functions and much more.

Add global fields in GCF Admin Page Create groups in the ‘Settings’ section and related fields in the ‘Fields’ section. Then edit the fields individually from the ‘GCF’ section.

Recover GCF with php Fields groups / single gcf can be retrieved anywhere within your theme / plugin with the function get_gcf($group, $single = false, $eval = false)

Show single GCF with a shortcode Load and display your single gcf with a shortcode! [gcf group="group_name" field="field_name" eval=false]

N.B. Use php “eval” only if you know what you’re doing. Save php fields using pseudo tags [php] ... [/php]


  1. GCF Settings

    GCF Settings

  2. GCF Fields

    GCF Fields

  3. GCF Fields

    GCF Fields

  4. GCF Fields

    GCF Fields

  5. GCF Fields

    GCF Fields

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