Go Gallery Tags Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Go Gallery Tags Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

This plugin has been created to display beautiful and functional grid galleries with minimum configuration effort and without slowing down your page load.

Go Gallery Tags is a powerful responsive and filterable grid gallery wordpress plugin. You can change spacings, frames, colors, etc. by simply adjusting settings directly in shortcodes. Unlimited number of galleries with different settings can be used on any page or in posts.

Go Gallery Tags is optimized for speed. Configuration is fast and simple, everything can be done just by putting gallery shortcode(s) to the page.

Go Gallery Tags enables Tags in media images and adds filter menu to each gallery for easy and beautiful sorting.

The idea behind this plugin:

Have you ever been frustrated by the fact that WordPress doesn’t let you assign tags to your media and images?

Every time you add a new image to the media library it must also be added to all galleries where you want to display it. Making sortable galleries is even harder. Because media files have no tags images in the galleries must be organized manually.

Imagine being able to create dynamic galleries of images that can be grouped by specific tag and that can be a sortable runtime, how cool is that!

With this revolutionary plug-in you can set the gallery on any page and it works without further adjustments, all new images are added to it automatically. We make it possible by enabling tags in the media library.

Galleries can be sorted at runtime and you can decide which image tags to display in each gallery. Continue to add images them in the same way as with normal WordPress messages, Go Gallery will do the rest.


  • 100% Responsive – Works on any mobile device
  • Media Tags – Unlike most others Go Gallery let you organize standard Media Library images into Tags.
  • Masonry Grid – No columns!
  • Gallery Tags Sort Menu – Tags images can be filtered by user
  • Short-Codes Driven – Easy to use inline shortcode params
  • Caption Effect – MouseOver effects on/off
  • Gallery LightBox – Sitch LightBox on/off or use your own favorite Lightbox.
  • Unlimited Galleries on Page – Add as much Tags and galleries on any page
  • SEO friendly
  • Easy to use

Understanding Media Tags

This plugin enables tags for Media Library Images. All images you want to display with Go Gallery has to be tagged. You will notice that Media Library now has one more column to display Media Tag for each image.

Go Gallery Tags will display images sortable by Tags. Tagging images is a simple and straight-forward process and it’s similar to tagging your post. You can add more Media tags directly in Image Edit or in Media Tags.

Image name will be used as a caption. Image Description can be added in Image Edit page and it will appear under Image Caption:

Last edited image will always appear as first in the gallery within it’s tag.

ShortCode OPTIONS List

Usage: [go_gallery OPTION1=’use quotes for text values OPTIONS space separated’ OPTION2=1]

  • go_gallery = Go Gallery opening shortcode all params follows space separated
  • tags = ‘tag1, tag2, …’ – comma separated list of media tags to display
  • size = ‘large/medium/small/tiny’ – size of the gallery grid: (large – 2 columns, medium – 3 columns, small – 4 columns, tiny – 8 columns)
  • border_size = size (in pixels) of the image border
  • border_color = color ‘#HTML’ of the image border
  • gap = size (in pixels) of the gutter between images
  • bg = color ‘#HTML’ of the gallery background
  • desc_color = color ‘#HTML’ of the overlay text description
  • menu_button = ‘caption’ of the ‘Reset Sorting’ button, first in sorting menu, default ‘All’
  • menu_show = ‘yes/no’ or 1/0
  • menu_pos = ‘center/left/right’ – menu position; works only when menu_show is 1 or ‘yes’
  • menu_gap = size (in pixels) of the gutter between menu buttons
  • menu_color = color ‘#HTML’ of the menu font
  • menu_bg = color ‘#HTML’ of the menu buttons (background)
  • menu_bg_hover = color ‘#HTML’ of the menu buttons on hover and focus (background)
  • hover_data = ‘yes/no’ enables/disables image caption on mouse over (hover); default: ‘yes’


  • limit = 1-200 – number of images to display (in total)

  • lightbox = ‘yes/no’ enables/disables custom lightbox on image click; default: ‘yes’


  • visual = {EFFECT} – see options below:

  • effect-basic-up = (default) title and hover effect

  • effect-square-small
  • effect-fat-side


[go_gallery tags=’single, couple’ size=’large’ visual=’effect-square-small’]

You can add image caption by editing Image info.

Short Codes Usage Examples:

Large Original Gallery ShortCode::

[go_gallery tags=’single, couple’ size=’large’]

Large Squared Gallery ShortCode::

[go_gallery tags=’single, couple’ size=’large’ style=’squared’ menu_button=’RESET FILTER’]

Medium Gallery ShortCode::

[go_gallery tags=’single, couple’ size=’medium’ gap=5 border_size=0 bg=’#fff’ menu_show=0]

Small Gallery ShortCode::

[go_gallery tags=’single, couple’ size=’small’ gap=20 border_size=10]

Tiny Gallery ShortCode::

[go_gallery tags=’single, couple’ size=’tiny’]

No Gutters No Borders Gallery ShortCode::

[go_gallery tags=’single, couple’ size=’large’ gap=0 border_size=0 menu_show=0]

No Gutters No Borders Medium Gallery with some advanced menu options ShortCode::

[go_gallery tags=’single, couple’ size=’medium’ gap=0 border_size=0 menu_show=1 bg=’#fff’ menu_pos=’center’ menu_color=’#fff’ menu_bg=’#999′ menu_bg_hover=’#f00′ menu_gap=0 limit=12]


  • WordPress 3.8+
  • WooCommerce 2.2+
  • BBpress 2.0+
  • BuddyPress 2.0+

Compatible Browsers

  • Edge
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Opera
  • Chrome
  • iOS browser
  • Android browser


  1. Large Original Gallery

    Large Original Gallery

  2. Large Squared Gallery

    Large Squared Gallery

  3. Medium Gallery - 3 Clumns Gallery

    Medium Gallery – 3 Clumns Gallery

  4. No Gutters No Borders Gallery

    No Gutters No Borders Gallery

  5. No Gutters No Borders Medium Gallery with some advanced menu options

    No Gutters No Borders Medium Gallery with some advanced menu options

  6. Small Gallery

    Small Gallery

  7. Tiny Gallery

    Tiny Gallery

  8. Hover effect

    Hover effect

  9. LightBox


  10. Media Tags on Media Page

    Media Tags on Media Page

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