Google Analytics By Lara Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Google Analytics By Lara Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Do you want to view your Google Analytics account from WordPress Dashboard ?!

Introducing Google Analytics By Lara :

Full width Google Analytics dashboard widget for Wordpress admin interface, which also inserts latest Google Analytics tracking code to your pages.

Don’t have time to read ?!
Check a Fully working demo, including all free and premium features at :

Google Analytics Dashboard Widget.

  • Easy To Setup, with Express Setup you’ll be up and running in no time.
  • Full width admin widget, with beautiful graphs.
  • Quick Overview, full access to the following important Google Analytics metrics, for the last 30 days :
    • Sessions
    • Users
    • Page views
    • % New Sessions
    • Bounce Rate
    • avg. Session Duration
    • Page views/Session.

Want more ?! .. There’s a lot more!

Check the Pro/Premium features:

By buying the Premium version, You’ll get access to all these amazing features :

  • 12 months of free updates and support.
  • Check any date range, not just the last 30 days.
  • Access to all the following Google Analytics metrics :
    • Keywords ( provided by Google Search Console).
    • Traffic sources.
    • Most visited pages.
    • Countries.
    • Browsers and their versions.
    • Languages.
    • Operating Systems and their versions.
    • Screen Resolutions.

To get the Premium version, check the Go Premium tab in the widget.


  1. lara-google-analytics screenshot 1

    Setup Screen, showing Express and Advanced setup options..

  2. lara-google-analytics screenshot 2

    Full width sessions tab.

  3. lara-google-analytics screenshot 3

    Sessions tab on wide screens.

  4. lara-google-analytics screenshot 4

    Pro Version Only – Check metrics for any date range, not just the last 30 days.

  5. lara-google-analytics screenshot 5

    Pro Version Only – Countries with most visitors to your website, with beautiful map.

  6. lara-google-analytics screenshot 6

    Pro Version Only – Browsers used to view your website, along with their versions.

  7. lara-google-analytics screenshot 7

    Pro Version Only – Visitors Operating Systems, along with their versions.

  8. lara-google-analytics screenshot 8

    Pro Version Only – Keywords, provided by Google Search Console.

  9. lara-google-analytics screenshot 9

    Pro Version Only – Pages visited on your website.

  10. lara-google-analytics screenshot 10

    Pro Version Only – Visitors languages.

  11. lara-google-analytics screenshot 11

    Pro Version Only – Screen Resolutions used to view your website.

  12. lara-google-analytics screenshot 12

    Pro Version Only – Traffic Sources, showing who is sending you visitors.

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