Google Analytics WD Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Google Analytics WD Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

The plugin adds Google Analytics tracking code to your website, provides all the necessary options to easily customize the tracking code and to have best fit to your requirements. You can enable Anonymize IP address to mask the user IPs, or choose to track links with same destinations, buttons, menus and search boxes with “Enhanced Link Attribution”.

After authenticating your Google Analytics, you can check the traffic of any site associated with your account. You can quickly and easily switch between different website reports.

Use Overview page to select any date range and check the traffic of websites registered on your Google Analytics account. This section displays Real Time, Audience, Visitors, Location and Browsers reports.

If you are looking for detailed and in-depth tracking reports, then Google Analytics WD is the plugin you need! Check your website Audience, Real Time statistics, Visitors Demographics, Interests and many more reports. You can easily compare data in reports from two different date ranges or by metrics.

All these reports can be displayed in Line, Pie or Column charts. Moreover, they can be exported to CSV and PDF files, as well as sent as scheduled emails.

Various settings of this WordPress plugin will let you place Google Analytics section on your admin dashboard, and reports – in posts and pages. You can enable Cross Domain tracking, set permissions for different roles or users to access Google Analytics WD reports and more.

The outstanding functionality of this plugin allows to configure Google Analytics Filters with just a few easy steps. These options will let you exclude certain IP address, country, region or city from tracking. You can also set Goals based on Destinations, Durations and Pages/Screens per Session, using Goal Management function of the Google Analytics WD plugin.

The mobile-friendly layout of Google Analytics WD WordPress plugin provides flawless experience on any device. You can check and configure tracking reports or settings anytime, anywhere.

IMPORTANT: If you think you found a bug in the Google Analytics WD or have any problem or question concerning Google Analytics WD, do not hesitate to contact us at

Features of Google Analytics WD plugin:

  • Provides all “Analytics” reports:

    • Audience,
    • Real Time,
    • Demographics,
    • Interests,
    • Geo,
    • Behavior,
    • Technology,
    • Mobile,
    • Site content,
    • Site Speed,
    • Events,
    • Goals.
  • Displays traffic information of any website associated with your Google Analytics account.

  • Allows adding goals to Google Analytics directly from your WordPress site.
  • Adds Google Analytics comprehensive section to WordPress dashboard.
  • Overview statistics:
    • Real Time,
    • Audience,
    • Visitors,
    • Location,
    • Browser.
  • Responsive design.
  • Comparison by Metrics and Date Range in reports.
  • Reports can be displayed as Line, Pie or Column charts.
  • Export any report into a CSV or PDF file.
  • Allows sending scheduled emails for any report.
  • Provides statistics for each page and post both in backend and frontend.
  • Adds Google Analytics tracking code to the domain, where the plugin is installed.
  • Provides advanced settings to manage user permissions and evaluate site speed.
  • Lets you configure and manage Google Analytics Filters.

Upgrade to Google Analytics WD Pro for premium features:

  • Enables tracking Custom Dimensions and view respective reports. Can be configured to track the following dimensions:

    • Logged in,
    • Post type,
    • Author,
    • Category,
    • Tags,
    • Published Month,
    • Published Year.
  • Allows you to set Custom Reports with any possible configurations of metric and dimension.

  • Provides 6 Ecommerce tracking reports based on:

    • Time to Purchase,
    • Transaction ID,
    • Sales Performance,
    • Product SKU,
    • Product Category,
    • Product Name.
  • Lets you link and track your Google AdSense and Google AdWords accounts.

  • Allows to create Alerts and Pushover notifications to monitor any changes in your website traffic.
  • Provides options to set tracking exclusions based on WordPress roles and users.


  1. wd-google-analytics screenshot 1

    Google Analytics WD – Overview

  2. wd-google-analytics screenshot 2

    Google Analytics WD – Audience

  3. wd-google-analytics screenshot 3

    Google Analytics WD – Real Time

  4. wd-google-analytics screenshot 4

    Google Analytics WD – Technology – Operating Systems

  5. wd-google-analytics screenshot 5

    Google Analytics WD – Tracking Configuration

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