GP Social Share Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

GP Social Share Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

This plugin hooks into the generate_after_content hook to append social share icons to the single post page by default.

It uses the if_single() WordPress hook to ensure only fires on all single posts.

Configured shared content:

Image = post featured Image – full url
Title = post title
Content = the first 40 words of the content
URL = the post permalink

Social Media Channels

These are the social channels currently supported by the plugin
* Facebook
* Twitter
* Google+
* Pinterest
* LinkedIn
* Email


If you want to find custom icons, I recommend you check out

To use Iconmonstr SVG code
1. Search for your required icon
1. Click on the icon you like
1. Ensure SVG is selected
1. Agree to the license conditions
1. Click on Embed
1. Ensure Inline is selected
1. Highlight the displayed SVG code
1. Copy and paste the code into the relevant icon section
1. Save Changes at the bottom of the page

You can add more sharing using the following function and modifying it as required


function add_extra_icons($social_links) {

$extra_icons = array(
    '<a href="' . $url . '&text=' . $excerpt . '" class="tw-share" title="' . __( 'Tweet this post!', 'gp-social' ) . '">' . $twitter_icon . '</a>',

// combine the two arrays
$social_links = array_merge($extra_icons, $social_links);

return $social_links;

add_filter(‘add_social_icons’, ‘add_extra_icons’);


  1. Plugin settings backend

    Plugin settings backend

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