Grid Canvas – Pinterest Image Creator Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Grid Canvas – Pinterest Image Creator Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Grid Canvas is in beta and is free to use while in beta.

Grid Canvas is an easy to use graphic design tool that helps you create beautiful grid images for your social media needs. Grid Canvas works directly from your WordPress dashboard. Every time you create a blog post or a page, Grid Canvas will automatically detect all the images from the post and add them to a beautiful grid layout. You can further do your own adjustments to make the image the way you like – you can add new images from the media library and drag each image to change its position. There are plenty of predefined grid layouts to choose from and there are more coming soon. You can also select the image size that is the most optimal for the different social networks – Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

When you are ready with your grid image design, the plugin will make a request to the Grid Canvas API to generate the image. The generated image is then stored in your Media Library and available for sharing on Pinterest, downloading or you can use it any other way.

Key Features:

  • Works right from your WordPress Dashboard
  • Automatically takes images from your posts and pages
  • Lots of predefined grid layouts and very easy to switch between them
  • Social media optimized image sizes for Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook
  • Easy drag and drop image adding
  • Easy image position changes
  • The grid images are available in your WordPress Media Liberty
  • Add custom images from your Media Library
  • Share instantly on Pinterest
  • Simple to use
  • Create in seconds with pre-designed templates

Is Grid Canvas free?

Grid Canvas is still under development and it’s free to use while in beta. Once the plugin is officially released, the Grid Canvas service will be available as a paid product with a free trial.


  1. grid-canvas-pinterest screenshot 1

    Designing a Pinterest size grid image

  2. grid-canvas-pinterest screenshot 2

    Grid Canvas section in the edit post screen, showing the generated images

  3. grid-canvas-pinterest screenshot 3

    Designing another Pinterest size image with a different grid option

  4. grid-canvas-pinterest screenshot 4

    Designing an Instagram size image

  5. grid-canvas-pinterest screenshot 5

    Share on Pinterest and Download Image buttons for each generated grid image

  6. grid-canvas-pinterest screenshot 6

    Sharing the image on Pinterest

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