GuardianKey Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

GuardianKey Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

GuardianKey is a service to protect systems in real-time against authentication attacks. Through an advanced Machine Learning approach, it can detect and block malicious accesses to the system, notify the legitimate user and the system administrator about such access attempts.

Beyond the security, the GuardianKey solution provides a good user experience, because the user is not required to provide extra information or to execute tasks during the login.

GuardianKey?s approach provides a risk assessment in real-time. The events and risks can be explored in the GuardianKey?s administration panel.`

How GuardianKey works

The GuardianKey detection engine analyzes the events sent by your online system to the GuardianKey servers.

The detection engine uses Machine Learning and our secret mathematical risk formula to combine the following three analysis approaches: Threat Intelligence, Behavioral Profiling, and Psychometric Profiling. Using these three pillars, our engine computes a risk for each event sent by the protected systems. In real time, the online attempt can be blocked, an extra requirement can be requested to the user, or notifications can be triggered.

All data sent to GuardianKey servers are doubly encrypted, and NOT send passwords or sensitive data.

More information at

Plugin Installation

  1. Install GuardianKey from WordPress plugin directory, and activate plugin
  2. Access Administration->Tools->GuardianKey
  3. If you want notify users, change “Notify Users” option to “yes”

Using GuardianKey

Access and login using the credentials sent to your e-mail address during the registration. You can recover the pass if you forgot it.

There is a documentation for the panel available at

If you have troubles, join the community to get help, at!forum/guardiankey


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