HDCommerce Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

HDCommerce Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

HDCommerce was designed and built from the ground up to innovate in eCommerce UI. My goal is to make creating and managing products as easy and quick as possible by using a clean and intuitive user interface designed for customers, not developers (although developers will love it too!).

This is a brand new plugin attempting to tackle one of the most important and complex needs on the internet, and as such, some features you require may not be included in HDCommerce yet. Please check the section titled “Upcoming Features” to see if there is anything there that you need.

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Features include:

  • Super easy to use (I really can’t express enough how easy HDCommerce is to use)
  • Will work with just about any well-coded theme right out of the box
  • Unlimited product variations and variation types
  • Mobile-friendly (responsive design)
  • Lots of features that usually require coding are easily changed on the options page
  • Custom tax and currency
  • Works with Stripe and PayPal Standard (more to come!)
  • Automated shipping calculation with Flat Rate Shipping, Canada Post, USPS, or Royal Mail (more to come!)
  • Fast! From activating to accepting payments, HDCommerce gets you up and running in no time

Pretty much all of the standard features required for a full fledged eComemrce solution are already included.

Upcoming Features

The following features are not yet included in HDCommerce, but are on the road map for future updates. Some of these features will be finalized in the next couple of weeks, others may be months down the line. This list is not in order of importance.

  • allow disabling of tax on per-product basis (for food items that may not be taxed)
  • stock managment (You can currenty set stock to zero to disable purchase, but stock managment is not yet built in)
  • create “update all variations” button on edit product page that will loop through all products to update the needed value
  • shop and category page product order (price low-high, high-low, menu order, publish date)
  • coupons!
  • translations
  • reviews (with rating schema)
  • more gateways
  • more shipping providers
  • import products from CSV
  • export orders to CSV
  • translations
  • Digital and Recurring Payments

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Full tutorial and documentation is still being written. This section, along with a link to the full documentiaton will be updated ASAP.


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