Ibtana Visual Editor Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Ibtana Visual Editor Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Earlier it was the classic editor in WordPress 5.0 but then, it was replaced by a new block editor by the name Gutenberg. Using the Gutenberg bloc editor in WordPress needs an experience and sometime back, suggestion from readers was to create a comprehensive tutorial for its usage. You have two editors Gutenberg block editor and the classic editor but you need to understand the difference and in both plugins play a significant role. The old editor also called the classic editor is the text editor and the new editor makes use of blocks and hence is called the block editor. Blocks are categorised in the list of content elements and you can add them to content screen for creation of layouts. When you add the item to the page or post, it is block. When you go to the plugin section, you open the page by the name VW-ibtana and it will be amazement when you see the added VW plugins that did not exist before. When you tap on the VW Button icon, you can see the features that were absent earlier and the best thing is their credibility. You can do the gradient color settings with multiple color options and further, you are getting the selection option in the block named Gradient type categorised as linear and radial. Scroll down and you have the option of gradient angle as per your desired adjustment and you scroll down further, you have multiple setting options under icon named blend mode. Further, you can post the URL under Button 1 settings. After the link target icon, you have multiple settings in accordance with your requirement. VW, a premium WordPress theme and template company, has also installed another new plugin by the name VW Heading and then there are further sub categories in it like header settings, gradient color settings, highlight settings, margin settings and advanced. The expert developers of the company will add new plugins in future on this platform as per the requirement and demand.

Extension of Gutenberg Plugins.

  1. VW Heading
  2. VW Equal Column Layout
  3. VW Icons
  4. VW Button
  5. VW Separator


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