IDNich' Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

IDNich' Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Translation plugin for wordpress

Translating an entire site has never been easy. Our main advantage? You can import your translations into any language, on any site you want. For an internationalization strategy, especially if you work on thematic or niche sites, you will save a lot of time.

Create your sites in less than 10 minutes!
You have quality content, which goes up in the SERP google, optimized for SEO (targeted keywords, long tail, internal networking) and you want to test your theme on other countries?
Thanks to iDNich’, you just have to install the plugin, get the number of credits you need (1 credit = 1 translation), and launch the translation in the desired language. No limit, the plugin translates for you, in a few minutes, all your pages and articles.

Why iDNich’ is different from others?
We have created a plugin that allows you to translate but also to export and import all your content on other wordpress sites. Our plugin is not used to create a multilingual site (even if you can do it) but rather to create dozens of sites, on the same themes, but on different countries.
Are you specialized in SEO? You are very good at copywriting? Use the texts of your site, translate them and implement them on other sites, in other languages.

Who is our plugin for?
iDNich is aimed at all site editors, who have one or more sites, in one or more languages and who wish to quickly start up new countries, without having to redo an entire site. You are part of the list below? You will necessarily be interested in using our plugin if you are :
1. Bloggers
2. Site publishers
3. Niche sites
4. E-commerce site
5. Startup

How It Works

Once you got your API Token, the plugin will be able to send requests to our external api, hosted here :, in order to talk to your
wordpress installation and provide all of our services.

Take a look at our confidentiality policy here :

You can use our api with your token, here is the documentation you need :


  1. Manage your iDNich' plugin

    Manage your iDNich’ plugin

  2. Add your token

    Add your token

  3. Translate your first post

    Translate your first post

  4. Visualize all your translations

    Visualize all your translations

  5. Import your posts / pages

    Import your posts / pages

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