Image License And Protection Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Image License And Protection Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

The Smartest tool for publishers to protect their images on Wordpress sites, powered by, with a built in solution to sell image prints and license, at no extra hassle. The plugin places a button on the images, protecting the copy action, while offering a gallery of photo prints and image licensing.

Upon Optional Registration, you can also take advantage of opening a Pixter store account, and sell your images in a variety of cool print products, and make money with ease, and with no hassle. We do it all for you, from payment to fulfillment and support.

This plugin does several things:
* Protects your images from being copied.
* Enables you to sell a license of the image to users who with to use it.
* Helps you monetize the image buy selling its prints.

Prevent Your site images from being copy pasted, downloaded, or otherwise stolen, with a simple tool that disables right click on the site. The plugin is simple, with no configurations necessary, and takes care to protect you from users trying to use a right click. It’s the first line of defence if you’re interested in preventing theft from your site.

The plugin also enables you to sell licenses in a simple “buy license” option, embedded as a button on the picture.

Lastly, on top of this plugin, we offer the option of letting your users buy the image from you, through custom made to order prints on any number of cool products like canvas, mugs, magnets and much much more.

Make sure to activate and register, to see the buttons in action on your site images. A button appears on the corner of an image on the site. The plugin does nothing else, we do not inject ads or malicious elements into your site and we’re 100% safe.


Your website gets protection from content theft, PLUS a significant revenue share from every order of photo prints on a variety of products, on your online store, and an online tracking of the orders from your shop is available though The image is printed on the product, shipped to your user, and you gain additional income with little hassle.

How it Works’s plugin users simply JavaScript and CSS commands to disable copy paste right clicks. It also creates button widgets on any graphic element, photo, image or picture you choose on your site for free. Once you users click it, an overlay is triggered in your site, where they can choose to print it on a variety of products from the Pixter gallery and ship it worldwide through our integrated commerce solution. It’s that easy, it’s that free!

Build a Store

Create your very own store and sell your site images with an online store for free, through a beautiful gallery, with a simple and slick interface button on every image. Bring your site’s images as well as your instagram, Facebook, pinterest images to life through irresistible photo products you can sell online. Make money from a simple widget and help your community support your site. Once installed, the plugin can be configured within the wordrpess admin, and includes advanced plugin features in a dedicated control panel for your account on

Prints are available on:

  • Coffee Mug
  • Canvas Print
  • Gallery Wrapped Canvas
  • Framed Canvas
  • Smartphone Case
  • Magnets
  • Premium Magnets
  • Flat Card
  • Photo Card
  • Greeting Card
  • Invitation
  • Poster
  • Tote Bag
  • Canvas Bag
  • T-shirt
  • Got another idea? send us a support request and we’ll make it happen!

Make your content site, photography showcase, art album, photo slideshow or image slider into a wonderful product to be sold to your visitors with out commerce solution, for free. We print on canvas, photo paper, mugs, magnets, and endless and growing selection of products.


  • Easy installation
  • Great user experience for commerce
  • High quality products
  • Reliable packaging
  • Sell images on your site as photo products
  • Instant activation of a full free package: On-site Photo Products Store, Checkout and payment, Printing, shipping and customer service.

Make Money

Once installed and registered, we provide your with a cut of the revenue for each transaction on the store. We take care of everything from printing to shipping and even assist with support 24/7.

Your full account details are mailed to your once you register, and options for payment are visible in your account.

It’s a great way to make money, and increase your income and revenue from your Wordpress website. If you don’t like ads, this program is especially effective, while also enhancing your brand and image with your fans.

Feedback and Support

Don’t hesitate to give your feedback or [email us] (mailto: It will help us make the plugin better. Don’t hesitate to rate the plugin too. We take all reviews and support calls very seriously.


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