Image Projector Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Image Projector Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

This plugin provides a viewer and slideshow for the first image in published posts. No gallery required. Speed and simplicity has been priority number one.

Convenient for those who runs photography-related websites with one photo per post and does not want the hassle with setting up and maintaining separate galleries – and do not want to load a new page for each photo.

See it alive here.

When activated from a single-post page, it allows you to navigate through the first image in all published posts.

When activated from an archive page (tag results, search results etc.), it limits the images to the first image attached to the posts resulting from the query.

Setup it simple, no action is required except of installing the plugin. It does not come with an overwhelming number of customisation options, but there are a few. The styles can also be customised by editing the stylesheet that comes with the plugin.

Functionality is tested with WordPress 4.2.1. Most likely it will work with other recent versions as well. To be on the conservative side, ‘Requires at least’ has been set to 4.0

Plugin uses Desandro’s imagesloaded for smooth appearance. This is included in the plugin package, you don’t need to install it separately.


  1. image-projector screenshot 1

    Full window, this is how it looks when the menu is turned on

  2. image-projector screenshot 2

    User-defined border width and color

  3. image-projector screenshot 3

    Image on square background

  4. image-projector screenshot 4

    Image on square background with another color

  5. image-projector screenshot 5

    Full window (as full as possible, aspect ratio will always be kept)

  6. image-projector screenshot 6

    Settings page

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