Image Size & Type Control Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Image Size & Type Control Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

If you’re in trouble forcing your website users to upload specific maximum image sizes, this plugin will save you a lot of reminding emails.
Image Size & Type Control will force website users to limit size of image uploads to your website so you don’t up with a 10 MB image on your pages, that will take forever to load, and get lower speed ranking.
If you’re using WordPress as an online shopping store (like WooCommerce), you probably upload up to 10 images for a single product so buyers can see it from different angles, if each image is 1 MB, you end up with a high page size and longer page load time.
The plugin will let you control the upload size to specific size, and saves you a lot of work later to compress & update images.
The plugin lets you also control images types to be uploaded to the website, so if you want all images to be in PNG format, you can do so, it also works the other way around, you can deny specific image types from being uploaded to your store.

Main Features

  • Allow setting maximum image size in the time of upload to your website (will read server maximum by default)
  • Allow setting maximum image dimension so you don’t end up with too large images that ruin layout
  • Allow setting minimum image dimension so you don’t get tiny pixelated images
  • Set what image extensions (types) are allowed / disallowed from being uploaded to the website


  1. Media settings section

    Media settings section

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